Man bursts out crying when told he can adopt a foster dog that was to be sold as meat

Toby's life is short but intense. This half-breed puppy had to travel more than 20,000 kilometers to reach his adoptive home, but no one imagined that he would be received with such love.

This adorable dog was found near a mechanical workshop in South Korea, passed through two shelters and then taken to a transit home in the United States, more than 20,000 kilometers away, to protect it from dog meat dealers that still exist in that Asian country.

Fate took him to the Hoang family. Ann wanted to have a second dog, but her husband was not sure. "At first, my husband was not sure about Toby because he was very shy and it was also our first host experience," Hoang told The Dodo.

Dog's snout ll Source: Pixabay

Dog's snout ll Source: Pixabay

However, Toby soon gained the affection of his adoptive father and they became inseparable. But the experience seemed to be nearing its end: two other families were interested in adopting it. "When I found out about that, I realized how devastated my husband would be without him," Ann said.

She then decided to adopt little Toby. The authorities of the refuge agreed and coordinated the visit of an employee to formalize the process.

He told him that one of the potential adopters would come to meet the dog, but the visitor handed him a card written by his wife shortly before. As he began to read the message in which the adoption was confirmed, the man broke down in tears.

"I thought I would be happy, but never in a million years I thought I would cry so much," said Hoang, "I've never seen him react to anything before! He's sensitive, but this was more than I've ever seen."

Seeing him cry, Toby threw himself on his adoptive father to try to comfort him. The adorable dog could not distinguish that they were tears of happiness.

This story reminds us of a pilot in the Army National Guard, who managed to reunite with the sweet Airys, a female dog he found while rescuing wounded soldiers in Iraq, and with whom he made a great friendship during the hard times he had to live

Pierzchalski found the animal wandering the streets of Iraq and immediately felt a special connection with the puppy, so he decided to take her to the camp with him and once there was responsible for providing the care she so badly needed.

Quickly the relationship between the two grew, and when Pierzchalski was informed that his time of service was over and that he would soon return to the United States, the soldier felt he could not leave Airys behind.

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