Ron DeVoe melts hearts with photo of his twins in matching tracksuits, sitting adorably on a sofa

Ronnie And Shamari DeVoe’s twin sons have the stars wrapped around their little fingers. Now, the proud parents are making sure the little boys keep on stealing hearts all over social media, by sharing adorable pics of their daily lives.

Twins Roman and Ronnie III are only 1-year-old, but just like their famous parents, the toddlers have earned a huge following on social media. Their Instagram account, managed by Ronnie and Shamari, has almost 60k followers, and fans can’t stop gushing about the boys.

In their most recent pic, the kids are rocking matching outfits while sitting on a couch. Both kids wore Adidas from head to toe, donning jackets, sweatpants, and sneakers as each one took one side of the couch with a big cushion in between.

“Because we missed them so much we had to do our #DeVoeShoulderBounce for mommy and daddy on lovers day yesterday. #LoveComesThrough,” the pic was captioned.

Fans couldn’t help but take over the comment section to share their thoughts on the pic, with most agreeing that the kids are growing up too fast and becoming cuter by the minute.

“Besides the cuteness. The Adidas outfit were on point,” wrote one user. Another added, “Aww, the boys are getting so big.” And a third one chimed in to say, “So precious and adorable!!!!!!!!!! Handsome little fellas already!”

Roman and Ronnie are steadily melting hearts with their adventures.

"I think just that motherly instinct kicks in and you’re going to do whatever it takes to make sure that your baby make it into this world."

A video shared a few weeks ago shows Ronnie playing around with his dad, while the New Edition singer repeated “peek-a-boo” to earn giggles from the kid. Roman, on the other hand, was quietly laying on a sofa, as his father tried to play with him too.

Eventually, Roman joined his brother in a firetruck toy, as both boys kept giggling, to their father’s delight.

The boys celebrated their 1st birthday with a birthday bash fit for royalty on July last year. Decked in blue and golden, and wearing crowns, the little princes enjoyed their party with family and friends and even got the red-carpet treatment.

For DeVoe, fatherhood has beaten up all of his other accolades and achievements in life. The 50-year-old singer and businessman told Rolling Out last year:

“From stars on the Hollywood Walk of Fame and movies that just break records of your life story and lifetime achievement awards and all of these different accolades like if they sit here, then having kids is like on the sun right now like the furthest star that’s how much of a difference it is. It’s like I’m whole now — it’s crazy!”

His wife Shamari, a former member of the girl group Blaque and the newest addition to “Real Housewives of Atlanta,” agrees with the sentiment.

The 38-year-old had a lot of pregnancy complications. Her cervix was opening and the eldest twin was not developing as fast as his brother. However, her doctor did not believe Shamari had anything to worry about at first, but after her insistence, the doctor confirmed she was right.

Shamari had to spent weeks in a hospital bed in order to make sure her kids would be fine. “It’s really difficult, but I think just that motherly instinct kicks in and you’re going to do whatever it takes to make sure that your baby make it into this world,” she told Hello Beautiful.

Ronnie, she said, was completely supportive:

“He was there every single night, and if he was not there in the hospital room with me it was, it was because he was on tour on the road and that’s the only reason.”

Shamari recently shared a lovely pic from the time she was breastfeeding her twins at the same time, and explained that, although she wanted to give up many times because of how hard it was nursing not one, but two babies, her maternal instinct prevailed.

“When you become a mother, you put your wants and needs aside for your children. @DeVoeTwins, I may have given you life, but really you gave me mine,” she stated.

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