Magic Johnson's Son Flaunts His Impeccable Taste in Clothes, Wearing Tight Cream Dress in New Pic

EJ Johnson, one of the sons of NBA legend Magic Johnson, took to Instagram to share a photo posing in a beautiful gown, proving his fantastic taste in clothes.

In the image, the man appeared wearing a turtle-neck, long-sleeved, beige dress standing in front of some bushes and trees posing with one hand on his waist and looking at the camera with a serious face.

Apart from his outfit, one of the aspects that attracted more attention to the post was his makeup, which was on point, and the color of his nails. For the caption, EJ wrote, “Diane Keaton.”

As soon as he uploaded that photo, his followers took to the comment section to share their thoughts.

“Your height is made for dresses like this!!! You are a vision! I’d love to see you with long hair!” pointed out one user.

“You gotta add those glasses she always wears [for] the full effect,” [sic] shared a second follower.

“Honey you have empowered me once again with your fabulous looks and just by being yourself! Thank you,” added another person.


It is not the first time that EJ has turned heads in his direction, though. Earlier this month, the man attended the New York Fashion Week wearing silver and gray ensemble that left everybody speechless.

EJ, 26, attended several NYFW events, a fact that made Magic jealous. The former NBA player, who is a fan of Rom Ford’s menswear line, confessed that two of his children were invited to the show and he wasn’t. Magic’s humorously expressed his disappointment, though.


Even now, some people believe that EJ’s relationship with Magic is estranged because of his sexual orientation. However, the former NBA player has let everybody know that he is proud of his son.

During an interview that Magic had in the “Ellen DeGeneres Show,” he pointed out that parents must not decide what their sons or daughters should be or want to become. Instead, they should support them in every step they take.


Soon later, EJ and his mother, Cookie Johnson, were at Jada Pinkett-Smith’s “Red Table Talk” sharing some details about their lives. One of the things he said was that he had had a hard time dating being Magic’s son.

“It’s always been a struggle. There’s so many factors. First of all, the celebrity thing — who are you here for, are you dating me or are you trying to date my dad?” revealed EJ.

The man pointed out that he has never taken a boyfriend to meet his parents because “something happens” every time he tries to do so.

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