Wife Has the Best Response to Irresponsible Husband's Mother

Mothers-in-law are the subjects of countless jokes, since tensions with a partner’s mother are very common, and this is a healthy way to ventilate this while laughing out loud.

Whether they question everything you do or always take the side of their “child,” many mothers-in-law have a talent for hitting a nerve in their in-laws, and while most of us contain ourselves, this wife couldn’t help it but putting hers in place.

After this clever comeback, this unsupportive mother-in-law must have been left speechless. We wonder if she actually took care of things in the end. Enjoy the story:


A woman who was married to her irresponsible husband had to raise a kid on her own because the so-called man of the house was always out at the bar with his friends, and when he wasn’t, he was always slacking off at home.

She called up her mother-in-law during a particularly hard day, whom she wasn’t always on the best of terms with because she tended to side with her son rather than offer the woman any sort of support.

The woman asked, “Could you tell me who changes the child if it poops itself? Is it the dad or the mom?”

“It is always the mother, honey,” said the mother-in-law condescendingly.

“OK then,“ said the woman. “Could you come over, please? Your son got drunk and pooped himself.”

We know that when it comes to jokes, the shorter they are, the most effective. But since we know you probably left wanting for more, here are a couple of other jokes about mothers-in-law.


An office executive comes to his boss’ office to request something to him. “Sir, can I have a day off next week to visit my mother-in-law?” the executive asks.

“Certainly not!” the boss replies without thinking twice. Seemingly relieved, the office executive says: “Thank you so much, sir! I knew you would be understanding”


Two men were talking about bigamy and when one asked the other something, his friend immediately knew the answer, proving that he either had experienced this himself or had really thought about it.

“Do you know the punishment for bigamy?” asked one man.

“Two mothers-in-law,” answered the other.


This one is a little off-topic, but as it is related to married couples, it is close enough. It is about a man who spent 25 years married before learning the hard truth that his wife had cheated on him in repeated occasions.

But after talking about it, he understood that she had done this in key moments of her husband live, and as hard as it was for him to cope with this, he always benefited from it in the end.

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