Kate Hudson Shares a Pic of Her Smiling Daughter in a Flowery Onesie Reaching a New Milestone

And just like that, the “Almost Famous” star’s baby girl is 4-months-old.  

Rani Rose is Kate Hudson’s littlest one. Kate captured her smiling in a bright floral outfit with a handwritten card that said “four months.” Her Instagram photo caption read, “Before she turns 5 months…” in anticipation of the next month's many milestones.

Kate is in a relationship with the baby’s father, Danny Fujikawa. They named their daughter after Ron Fujikawa, Danny’s father, a well-respected lawyer from California who passed away in 2012.  While Kate and Danny became a couple just recently, the two have known each other for more than 15 years. He is the stepbrother of Kate’s best friends Sara and Erin Foster. He is a musician who attended NYU for a time and founded a  record company called Lightwave Records.

Apart from her acting career, Hudson is a busy mom with her own fitness line called Fabletics. She is also a Weight Watchers ambassador. But she has made it clear that she is in full mommy and family mode. 

The 39-year-old follows a very open parenting style which is primarily based on prioritizing that her kids “feel confident in their life choices and feel loved and supported no matter what.” 

The clarification came after her answer to a parenting question that was taken a little out of context. She recounted the time someone asked her about the difference between raising boys and girls and while she essentially replied saying, “Not really,” it still launched a whole discussion about how she had planned to raise Rani to be “genderless.”  What she had hoped it would do was to focus the conversation on love and support versus gender.

Kate definitely enjoys being a hands-on mom. She also has two older children, sons Ryder and Bingham, aged 15 and 7.

The beautiful mom of three says she isn’t done having babies yet and even hopes the next one for her and Danny will be a boy.  But for now, the couple is relishing every sweet moment with their precious Rani.

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