Jenna Bush Hager Prepares to Become a Host on 'Today' Causing a Flurry of Comments

It has been announced that Jenna Bush Hager is expected to replace Kathie Lee Gifford on the "Today" show and fans have already given her their green light.

Ever since Hager took to Instagram on February 23, 2019, to post a picture of herself alongside her twin sister that people have started congratulating her on the promotion.

It has been reported that fans are very happy about the person chosen to replace Gifford and that some couldn't even believe it when they learned the news.


Several people dropped very positive comments on Hager's post, revealing how glad they were for having her and complimenting her over her "sweet personality."

In fact, most of the comments revolved around the 37-year-old's fantastically energetic spirit, as well as her honest and "sincere heart."

The former First Daughter will be co-hosting the 10 o'clock hour of the morning show with Hoda Kotb starting April, which is when Gifford is set to leave.

According to Hager, being chosen to replace Gifford was very exciting and even described it as "organic." Plus, she felt like it was the right time to take the leap.


The soon-to-be "Today" co-host claimed that being a fill-in on the show was very fun because it was a position that came without any pressure, and that taking it "to the next level is awe-inducing."

Kobt also commented on the subject and considered Hager "the perfect fit," hinting that her arrival will be a very positive change on the set.

"She has this thing that’s special. I know that people try to have it but I think you’re born with it. And Jenna has it and it’s the thing that makes her laugh at herself when she spills coffee on herself. "

Hoda Kotb, People, February 26, 2019


Gifford announced that she would be retiring back in December 2018, after spending 11 years on the show. Curiously, she was only planning to stay for a year back when she started, in 2008.

According to Gifford, who will now pursue personal projects, meeting Kotb changed everything, which was why she agreed to stay and co-host the show for so long.

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