Michael Landon's Grandson Is Almost 2 Years Old Now and He Gets Cuter and Cuter

Toddler Beau Landon Morris got his grandfather, Michael Landon’s good looks.

Good genes seem to run in this family. Michael Landon, popularly known for his television characters Little Joe Cartwright and Charles Ingalls,  passed away in 1991 but his legacy lives on in his children and grandchildren.  

Christopher Landon is Michael’s son with second wife, Lynn Noe. The handsome film director, producer, and screenwriter responsible for movies like "Disturbia" and "Paranormal Activity",  looks just like his father.  

In 2017, Christopher and his partner Cody Morris welcomed their first child, Beau. The couple was thrilled and posted a photo of their newborn son saying, "He is the light of our lives."  

With each passing year, Beau is beginning to show more of a resemblance to his grandfather, Michael, too.

Of Michael’s parenting skills, Christopher says he was “a loving dad and a wonderful guy.”  

Half-sister Jennifer Landon also shared fond memories of her late father. She is an actress and is known for her role as Gwen in the daytime soap opera, “As The World Turns” for which she won three Emmys. But one of her earliest jobs, at the age of five, was a role in her father's hit show, "Highway to Heaven".  She remembered the experience to be nerve-wracking because she was sick and late to set.

When asked if she thought he was a good father, Jennifer revealed that despite all of his success onscreen, it was his role as a dad to his nine children that he treasured the most.

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