Two Teenagers Record Themselves Twerking Sensually, until Their Mom Comes in with a Flip Flop

These two girls got in front of the camera to showcase their twerking skills to the world, but their video went viral for a reason they didn’t expect, as their mother surprised them and abruptly ended it.

The two young ladies, wearing very short pants, wanted to appear as sexy and cool having fun together, but in the end, they became more of a joke, with the video becoming popular online with its hilarious turn.

None of them seem to have heard the mother walk in the room to bring in the laundry, and as the woman found out what they were doing, she didn’t think twice before taking one of her flip-flops off to stop them.

In just a few seconds the scene is over. After the mother gets her hands on her flip-flop-turned-weapon, she hits the poor girls and pushes one of them before the camera goes off.

The video might end there, but since there is no information about who these people are, we can only guess what comes afterward. Probably, the punishment didn’t end with the flip-flop attack.

A Twitter post sharing the clip on February 25 has been reproduced almost 9.000 times. “When you want to shake it but your mother invokes the power of the flip-flop,” it was captioned.

The video was previously uploaded to YouTube in 2018, where it has been played more than 15.000 times.

This episode reminds us of the Mexican girl who gave it a try at the Kiki Challenge only to see her stunt been frustrated by her own angry mother and her flying flip-flop.

In the also-viral video, we can see the mother approaching way before the teenage girl is aware of it.

The woman starts yelling at the girl to make her go back inside and clean her room, but since her daughter doesn’t immediately obey, she reaches for her flip-flop.

The teenager knew what this meant and tried to run away, but the mother threw the flip-flop to her, and of course, she didn’t miss.

While many parents agree with this kind of reaction from other parents that want to teach their children a lesson for the entire Internet to see, child development experts don’t recommend this kind of punishment.

According to studies, if discipline comes with humiliation it can cause serious psychological harm to children and teenagers that would grow up to suffer from anxiety and depression.

“Unequivocally, it’s a bad thing to do and certainly has negative long term consequences,” Dr. Claudia Gold, from Newton Wellesley Hospital in Massachusetts, told Time.

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