Woman with the World's Biggest Natural Hips Has Become a Real Internet Sensation

Mikel Ruffinelli shot to internet fame for having the largest natural hips in the world.

The mother of four attributed her overly large hips to motherhood. “With every child came more hips,” she said in a video uploaded to YouTube. “I got wider and wider with each child.”

“This woman has a great attitude to herself. I wish her all the best."

The Los Angeles resident also said she has to buy two seats on a plane because her 100-inch hips cannot fit in just one.


She also has difficulty fitting through the doorways.

Ruffinelli said that her hips are completely natural and that she is proud of its size, even though people would sometimes give her too much attention in public.

“I’ve been asked if it’s real. I get that a lot,” she said, adding that people would take a picture or video of her without her consent.

She is happily married to her husband, Reggie Brooks. They have been together for almost 20 years.

The video of her story has been viewed nearly 16 million times since it was uploaded to YouTube on January 19, 2013.


Reactions from viewers were mixed.

“Her confidence is envy-inducing, Slay, Queen!” one commented.

“This woman has a great attitude to herself. I wish her all the best,” wrote another.

Another commented: “I love her confidence, but this isn't healthy in general. She wants curves, okay that's fine but she doesn't have curves right now. She's just fat and that's the truth. I'm not being rude, and it has to be the diet and not eating right.”

Another viewer wrote: “I don't like when people miss use the term ‘curvy’. She is not curvy, I'm not hating on her good for her if she loves her body that's great, but if she calls that curvy then people who actually have curves are considered overweight to some.”

Body-shaming has been pervasive in many societies. But many bullied women are fighting back.

Take Vega Blossom from Valparaiso for example. She decided to get back at two women who fat-shamed her during a queue at a local bakery, by buying all of the cupcakes, leaving nothing for the rude customers.

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