Sherri Shepherd Reveals How She Pretended to Be Octavia Spencer to Get into Delta's VIP Lounge

Sherri Shepherd found herself enjoying the perks of the Delta Sky Club lounge in New Orleans after she pretended to be Octavia Spencer. 

After enjoying the lounge, she filmed herself narrating how she was able to get into the lounge through a hilarious Instagram post. 

According to the actress, she impersonated the Oscar-award winning actress Octavia Spencer to enjoy VIP airport treatment. Her video was meant to let Octavia know what she's done, whispering to her phone about the funny situation. 

"(This guy) wants to know why I haven't been nominated for another Oscar this year... and people are telling me how much they loved me in 'Hidden Figures' and 'The Help. They think that I am Octavia Spencer, and I can't tell them that I'm Sherri Shepherd because they're gonna throw me out of the VIP lounge here at Delta because I used your name to get in."

Her fans expressed how amused they are with the story, with Taraji P. Henson commenting "I AM SCREAMING" with a couple of laughing emojis. 

"@tiamiachia: This is too funny! I don't blame you I'd do the same thing if I resembled anyone who was famous. I'm gone tell them I'm you! Lol"

Sherri recently took over Wendy Williams' spot in her daytime talk show, after she took an indefinite leave because of her health. Hosting "The Wendy Williams Show" with Sherri are Nick Cannon, Keke Palmer, and a lot more who stepped in in the past couple of weeks. 

Wendy is suffering from Graves' Disease, an illness with no cure. While she's taken a couple of leaves from her show, her current leave is the longest, spanning two whole months. Thanks to Sherri and her other proxy hosts, Wendy was able to get a good rest before finally heading back to work this March.

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