Serena Williams' 'Granddaughter' Qai Qai Spills the Tea in First-Ever Interview with Oprah Magazine

Serena Williams’ “granddaughter” Qai Qai is speaking out for the first time in an exclusive interview and discussed everything from representation to style tips, but stayed surprisingly mute about her “mother,” Olympia Ohanian, allegedly mistreating her.

Qai Qai, the doll “daughter” of one-year-old Olympia, recently sat down for her first-ever interview with Oprah Magazine, and for those who thought she’s only the often-ignored companion to Olympia -- think again.

It turns out Qai Qai is up-to-date with contemporary social issues and didn’t hold back when the interviewer asked why she thinks it’s important to be seen specifically as a black doll.

"It’s vital for kids to be able to turn on the TV, flip through a magazine, or scroll through Instagram looking to the people they admire the most,” Qai Qai said. “And then see something that looks, feels, or is shaped like them. And the earlier they can do that, the better.”


Qai Qai’s words sound similar to those of her grandmother’s. During an Australian Open press conference last month, the athlete explained why she chose a black doll for her first child.

“I wanted her to have a black doll. Growing up, I didn’t have that many opportunities to have black dolls. And I was just thinking, like, ‘I want her first doll to be black.’ And her heritage, obviously she’s mixed, she’s Caucasian and black, but I feel like that was her first doll and I said her second doll would be Caucasian. I definitely want to always teach her love and teach her [that] humans should always have love for each other, no matter what color they are.”


Besides her perception of socio-cultural issues, Qai Qai also borrows a leaf from Serena when it comes to style. Asked the greatest style lesson she’s learned from the 23-time Grand Slam champion, Qai Qai replied:

"Show up and show out. Period."

Interestingly, Qai Qai did not discuss the neglect she allegedly suffers publicly from her “mother,” Olympia.


Although there are several good moments where Olympia is living up to her responsibility, Qai Qai is often found wedged between furniture, thrown face down on the floor, on crutches, or abandoned by the tot for another toy.

Serena told reporters last August that she’s been taking care of Qai Qai (pronounced ‘Kway Kway’) because Olympia is “young” and “wants to live her life.”

Qai Qai’s struggles are fully documented on social media where she has a combined following of over 137,000 on Instagram and Twitter.


Her Instagram bio confirms she’s Olympia’s “daughter & best friend” and the “granddaughter of” Serena and her Reddit co-founder husband, Alexis Ohanian.

Fans get to console Qai Qai on social media, and they also get to share in her many adventures, like that time she cheered Serena at the Australian Open and posed for a sunset photo in Melbourne.

Whatever the case may be, eventually, there’s nothing like a mother-daughter bond and Qai Qai stays loyal to hers. She paid tribute to Olympia last Valentine, declaring her “my valentine forever and always.”

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