Viral Video of a Parent Throwing a Slice of Cheese onto a Baby Sparks Heated Debate

Gracious Egedegbe
Mar 02, 2019
03:50 A.M.

A short video of a father throwing a slice of cheese onto a baby is fast going viral. There are numerous reactions to the hilarious clip with some voicing their objections.


A Yungholmes posted a homemade video of his kid on Twitter some minutes past 11 am on February 28. The clip runs for just six seconds, enough time for Yungholmes to throw cheese at his baby. The unsuspecting child is sitting on a high backed chair and is taken aback when he got hit.

He freezes while holding his little bottle when the cheese lands on his face. The reaction does make for a good laugh making it no wonder that it is now trending on the internet!

It has suddenly become a viral challenge of some sorts and is now known as the “cheesed challenge,” an obvious referral to Yungholmes caption which reads:


“Just cheesed my lil brother.”

We are not sure who Yungholmes is, but he has sure become famous. His post is just a little over a day old and has been watched over eight million times! For a non-celebrity, you know that is no mean feat.

The comments keep pouring in with many taking on the challenge and posting their videos. The spectrum is now broader with people using different foods like hamburgers, etc. Even animals are getting cheesed!


The particular trick is to get the cheese to exactly land on the baby’s face. That may prove difficult for some, but those who do get it right have been sharing the reactions. They are quite hilarious, and the millions of comments are just as entertaining.


A user, @anjel_ine made a video of hers in which a crying baby became shocked and quiet after getting “cheesed.” With much funnier reactions like that, it is no wonder that many see no harm in the trend.

A minor few, however, have objected to the new challenge saying it is child abuse. It has sparked a debate on social media with both sides bringing forth reasonable claims. A good reason to support the trend is apparent - it makes for a good laugh, but is it okay to frighten a child that way??


The objecting thoughts claim it is damaging with some even saying the kid will grow up to have a cheese phobia. That almost seems like a joke.

A Twitter user, @paymeow even stressed that it would be animal abuse to cheese animals too!:

“It's funny when someone does it to a baby but when i do it to my cat its animal abuse.”

It is agreeable that it is a weird challenge, but we will leave it to you to decide what side you gon’ be on.

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