Joke: An Elderly Lady Sat behind the Bus Driver

An older lady got on a bus and sat right behind the driver. The interaction between the two as hours passed was nothing short of hilarious. 

The elderly lady made sure she was sitting right behind the driver as she was on her way to Falls Creek. Of course, it didn't take the bus driver long to find that out. Minutes into the ride the woman asked: 

"Have we reached Falls Creek yet, junior?" 

Elderly woman looking into camera and smiling | Photo: Shutterstock

Elderly woman looking into camera and smiling | Photo: Shutterstock

The driver calmly responded: 

"No, ma'am, not yet. Don't worry, I'll let you know when we arrive." 

The hours went by and time and time again the woman would ask the bus driver if they had reached Falls Creeks. Each time, the driver repeated the previous sentences without losing his temper.

Finally, they arrived at the small town and the questions stopped. The driver let out a big sigh of relief and hit the brakes. 

He then parked his bus on the side and shouted: 

"This is where you get out, lady." 

Lady holding onto her chest | Photo: Shutterstock

Lady holding onto her chest | Photo: Shutterstock

She asked: "Is this Falls Creek?" 

The man was at the end of his line. He screamed in response: 

"Yes! Get out!" 

The woman then sweetly said: 

"Actually I'm going right to the next town, junior. But my daughter told me that when I reached here I should take my blood pressure pill." 

Another elderly woman intentionally got on the bad side of a cop who tried to give her a ticket for speeding. 

One evening, a cop pulled over an older lady who was going over the speed limit. The woman asked, "Is there a problem, officer?" 

Police cars driving down road | Photo: Getty Images

Police cars driving down road | Photo: Getty Images

The officer said: "Yes, ma'am. I noticed you were speeding. Do you mind showing me your license, please?" 

The woman then informed the cop that she didn't have it. "Don't have one?" the officer replied, perplexed. The woman clarified that she "lost it four years ago for driving while drunk." 

Keeping his cool, the officer then asked for the woman's vehicle registration papers. Yet again, the lady was unable to provide him with the documents.

Soon, backup police were called in because of what the woman said next.

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