March 07, 2019

9 Sure Signs That God Is Opening a Door

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In our daily lives, we are faced with different occurrences that leave us questioning our faith and beliefs. These occurrences may be in form of experiences and rare opportunities that leave us unsure of ourselves.

How can we then decipher if an experience or opportunity is God-given and not just another bait from the devil? Life experiences have taught a lot of people to be sure they are doing the will of God and are walking in His ways at all times.

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If one does not do these, he or she may run the risk of chasing down on empty roads and endless travails. With this in mind, it is thus necessary that we all should be sure that the things we get involved with, the opportunities we get each day and the experiences we have are from God.

Knowing what God wants and what God gives is very much important for daily existence.

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You may be wondering just how one can decipher the will and way of God. Here are a few tips to know that God is indeed opening a door for you:

1. An Opportunity from God is backed by scripture. This simply means that any God-given opportunity will not cause you to sin or go against His will or commandment.

2. A God-given Opportunity may be an answer to your prayers. You may have been praying so long for something and then it suddenly becomes a reality. That is a sign that God has granted consent to your request.

3. The Opportunity is confirmed by a wise counsel. When we are sometimes faced with difficulties in making a decision on an opportunity we are unsure about, it is wise to seek counsel from a wiser person who is more knowledgeable about the ways and workings of the Lord. Such a person will better understand the situation without being sentimental and thus give confirmation that it is God-given.


4. The new opportunity gives you a means of escape from your present distress. Sometimes we find ourselves in situations that cause us sorrow. God then relieves us of such by providing new opportunities that better suit us.

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5. Unexpected Opportunities: God may sometimes decide to bless us with opportunities we simply did not ask for, due to our obedience to His will.

6. God may reveal opportunities to us through our dreams. Hence, it is good to recall our dreams, document them and then reflect on them to find out if God is trying to reveal our next opportunity through them.

7. An opportunity from God blesses others. Most of the time, God-given opportunities are also a source of blessing to others. Through His blessings upon us, we glorify His name and the effects are always positive to those around us.

8. An opportunity from God brings peace and will not cause you to be in a state of unrest.


9. God-given opportunities are confirmed in prayers. We hear the voice of God during prayers. A great prayer life brings a sound connection to God and enables us to discern His will always.

As a minister of God, it is very important to discern closed doors and open doors, so as to avoid pulling in the wrong direction. It is also very important for us to discern where God wants us to go because there are some doors with a broken handle.

God’s call will require intensive perseverance and patience through various trials which shapes us to make the right decisions and fall astray. Such trials may cause some to take their lives, but is that the solution? Hence not all open doors are rosy at first, but it will become easier with time.


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It is also important that we work hand in hand with our workers and the Holy Spirit at all times.

Always seek to know the will of God on every sensed opportunity and never linger too long in a closed door, especially when things of importance begin to go bad. In summary, a God-given opportunity will never make you go against God’s will, and will never make you turn away from Him.