30 Years of Grime: Hammer and Chisel Are Needed to Remove Layers of Dirt in a Hoarder's House

Pedro Marrero
Mar 06, 2019
04:41 A.M.

A new episode of ITV's "Call The Cleaners" promises to surprise viewers by telling the story of an accumulator in Tamworth, Staffordshire.


The duo of sisters arrived at the home of this retired man that has over 30 years without being cleaned. This is undoubtedly one of the worst cases they have seen throughout the entire television program.

In addition to getting rid of 30 years of dirt from the floor, the sisters managed to remove at least three skips of trash from inside the house.

According to the sisters, the first time they saw the interior of the house they were speechless because of the state of abandonment in which they found it, admitting that the smell was overwhelming.



The sisters had to use heavy-duty tools, such as hammer and chisel, to remove the thick mounds of dirt and grime that had adhered to the floor of the pensioner's house over the decades.

After so many years without taking care of the cleaning of his home, the old man had reached a critical point in which he had to put his house in order or face the eviction of the property if he did not solve the problem of dirt and accumulated garbage.

The living room and the bedrooms were full of bags and boxes of unusable things, clutter, clothes and garbage, stacked to the ceiling. In addition, there was a bucket of urine on the kitchen floor and the burners had inches of burned dirt.


"That is urine- that bucket is the downstairs toilet! I'm actually speechless for the first time in my life,” one of the sisters exclaimed.

"This job still manages to shock us every time we go somewhere new," looking around, she added "I just don't know where to start as everywhere is bad".

However, the couple remained positive and said that, despite the hard work, they could manage to save this poor man's house from eviction. The couple had to sort through the mountains of belongings to make sure they did not throw away anything valuable.


The most valuable thing they found among the man's belongings was a £ 200 cash package hidden in an old cotton box. "Normally when we clean up older people's houses we do find money stashed away in envelopes but we haven't found any stashed inside a cotton bud box before," said one sister.

Just after three days of hard work, the cleaning duo had transformed the house from a dumpster into a clean and bright living space. Yvonne said: "The job is finally done and hopefully the gentleman will return and be able to live comfortably for many years."

It must always be kept in mind that the compulsive accumulator does not see what happens to it as a problem, it has a justification for its action: those objects represent something important for him.


If you want to know how often it is advisable to clean each space, according to the advice of science, here are the examples of the spaces and objects that most often generate controversy in the home and how often should you clean them to keep them safe and hygienic.

In another story, a man from China has been hospitalized after the doctors realized that his daily habit of sniffing his dirty, worn socks has caused a diagnosis of Pulmonary Fungal Disease. The doctors suspect the inhaling of fungal pores deeply embedded in the dirty socks.

While Peng has admitted to being addicted to sniffing his dirty socks, doctors are ruling it as the major cause for his chest infection and also his lack of sleep, all these factors led to a breakdown in his immunity, leaving him vulnerable to the infections.

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