The Story of Patrick Duffy's Relationships with Carlyn Rosser, His Love of 40 Years

Maria Varela
Sep 21, 2021
08:15 P.M.
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Patrick Duffy and Carlyn Rosser defied all odds to be together. They challenged the conventions of age and marriage to share a love that lasted decades. 


Born in Montana in 1949, Patrick Duffy went on to star in several hit shows and movies. He's best known for his role as Bobby Ewing in the 1980s show "Dallas," but to many who know him, he is remembered as the man who went against all odds to be with the woman he loved.

Patrick’s love story spans decades beginning with the day he went on a tour bus and met Rosser. She was a 32-year-old ballet dancer, ten years his senior, but he couldn’t care less. 



Duffy was smitten and wanted to be with her. However, there was one major complication: she was married. Their attraction for each other was evident and soon, they were treading on dangerous waters.

Carlyn introduced Duffy to Buddhism, a religion he would eventually learn to love and practice for the rest of his life. He admitted that he originally converted “because I wanted to sleep with her.” However, he later fell in love with the religion as much as he loved the woman who introduced it to him.

Patrick Duffy at the Beverly Hilton Hotel on July 24, 2013 in California. | Source: Shutterstock



Carlyn would eventually leave her husband of 13 years to be with Duffy, whom she married in February 1974. That same year, they welcomed their first son, Padraic. 

Though their marriage began on a sad note, having hurt another man in the process, they would later prove it was all worth it. They welcomed their second son, Connor, in 1979 and continued to love each other for the next 43 years. 

Patrick Duffy and Carlyn Rosser attend the Golden Nymph Awards on June 18, 2015 in Monaco. | Source: Getty Images



Rosser died in 2017, leaving Duffy devastated. In fact, it took him five months before breaking his silence about her death.

He often spoke fondly of her when she was still alive, telling the media that his eyes only saw one person for the rest of his life – “the one I kiss off-camera every night before I go to sleep.”

Actor Patrick Duffy and son, Connor Duffy attending a party on November 2, 2003 in New York City. | Source: Getty Images



The actor also gushed about how fun his marriage was, crediting their stable relationship to their lack of things to argue about. He said:

"I don't know, but I literally don't think I've had an argumentative conversation with my wife in the past 20 years, which isn't to mean we don't have different points of view."



Unfortunately, no matter how long their relationship lasted, Patrick would never be over his love for his wife even after her death. Six months after Carlyn’s passing, he tweeted:

“On this day 6 months ago my heart stopped yet I live on as she wishes. We will be together eternally. Thank you for the love and concern.”



While Duffy continues to mourn his wife, his children have learned to understand that terrible things happen in life, and it's best to try and move on. According to an insider, the two men encouraged him to find love again.

Now, he is in a relationship with Linda Purl, an actress and singer. She shares photos of themselves on Instagram, and things are definitely a lot better for the actor who is seen smiling and enjoying life.

In the end, Duffy remains inspired because of Rosser. He once shared that he could still hear and see her and that he was aware of what she expects of him. That is why, despite her death, he tries to live a good life.