Student Saved His Money for Two Years to Buy His Disabled Friend a New Motorized Wheelchair

High school student, Tanner Wilson surprised his best friend with an electric wheelchair which he bought after two years of saving money from his part-time job.

Tanner Wilson and Brandon Qualls are students of Caddo Hills High School, Arkansas. Brandon needs a wheelchair to get around and owns a hand-push model which was difficult and exhausting to use through the halls in school.

Seeing this problem, Tanner secretly saved up for two years with money he earned at his part-time job in a car mechanic shop. His goal was to buy his friend an electric wheelchair, something he knew Brandon always wanted to have.

A week ago, Tanner purchased the new motorized wheelchair and presented it to Brandon in class. 

Brandon recalls the moment saying,

“They came in, and my face just blew up. I was just crying everywhere. I was like, ‘Wow I can’t believe he did that for me.’”

Tanner, for his part, says of his friend, “He’s just been a really good friend, and I wanted to do him a favor.”

Tanner’s mother, Colleen Carmack, admitted that her son had been through a lot the past year and she could tell that this experience of helping someone has made all the difference for him. It has refreshed his interest in his goals like college, and even wishing for Brandon’s family to have a vehicle capable of transporting his new wheelchair to and from school.  The new model is currently left in school since they don’t have the means to take it home every day.

The boys received national attention for the gift of their friendship and the grand gesture that Tanner made to show for it.  And it is attention that they truly deserve for a good deed done between friends.

Brandon’s teachers helped with the surprise, too. Ginger Wray personalized the new wheelchair with orange flames and the “Qualls” last name on the back. Another teacher, Kathy Baker, praised Tanner saying, “He loves to do for others. He is just a great young man.”

In another outstanding display of kindness and compassion, a 5-year-old girl from Michigan named Sunshine Oelfke emptied her piggy bank to help her friend.  

Sunshine had been saving up for a snowmobile and while she hadn’t come close to reaching her goal, her grandmother, Jackie, witnessed her taking her money out to take it to school. Jackie soon found out what was really going on. The little girl explained,

"I am taking milk money to school for my friend, because my friend wants milk, and I want my friend to get milk, too," said Sunshine. "We like chocolate milk — together.”

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