Jana Duggar Secretly Remodels Parents' Master Bedroom and Their Reaction Is Pure Gold

Jana Duggar and her siblings warmed their parents' hearts when the couple returned home from a vacation to find their master bedroom remodeled. 

Jana Duggar, 29, thought of the best gift to give her parents and put her siblings to work. The children came together to revamp their parents' master bedroom for the first time in the 13 years since the Duggars moved into their Arkansas home. 

Popular TV Show, "Counting On" stars Jim Bob and Michelle Duggar were excited to see the renovation done to their room when they got back from their vacation last week. 

Jim, 53 and Michelle, 52 could not hold back from showing the joy the renovation brought them. In a video posted by Jana, Michelle was captured saying;

"This is too beautiful to be true."

The Duggars, a large family of devout Baptists with strict religious principles have graced television screens since their show stared on TLC in 2008. The show was canceled in 2015 as a result of controversies about one of their sons. 

Despite the cancellation, the love of the people for the Duggars never waned. All over the globe, people continued to marvel at how one woman could bear so many children. 

The Duggars returned to the screens late 2015 for a spinoff show they called "Counting On." They are indeed counting on with 11 unmarried children, eight married children, and 12 grandchildren. 

On-screen and off-screen, the Duggars continue to win people's hearts despite their very strict spiritual standards. The Duggars, known as a chaste family who do not share front hugs with members of the opposite sex taught people another way to show love on Valentine's day. 

A day after Valentine's, Jana, the oldest unmarried Duggar daughter took to IG to tell of how her family celebrated Valentine's with every member of the family writing a note of sweet things to another member of the family. 

Fans of the Duggar family who just recently stopped talking about the new style of celebrating Valentine's day are now gushing over the beautiful surprise done for Jim and Michelle. 

Jana, in her Instagram post, thanked all of her siblings for their efforts toward giving their parents a well-deserved surprise. It is no surprise that the Duggar kids pulled this off; after all, the kids and their parents with little help from contractors built their Arkansas home. 

With no children on the way, it is certain that Jim and Michelle will have their bedroom to themselves and no longer have to share it with a newborn as was the custom when the two were still having kids.

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