Chris Watts’ Pregnant Wife 'May Have Been Praying' as He Strangled Her to Death

New details about the mediatic case of Chris Watt’s murder of his pregnant wife Shannan and their two daughters have emerged following an extended confession the convicted man made from prison.

Around four months after pleading guilty to nine charges and been condemned to three consecutive life sentences, 33-year-old Chris Watts released new information about the gruesome events that ended in his conviction

The confession was made on February 18 but have made public just recently, and in it, Watts not only talked about the final moments of his late wife and daughters Bella, and Celeste, but also shared details about how life was in the home.

As he told the Colorado Bureau of Investigation, following 34-year-old Shannan’s threats of leaving him and taking the children away, he reportedly jumped on her, who was lying on her back in the bed before he started to strangle her.

According to Watts, who is serving his sentence in the Dodge Correctional Institution in Waupun, Wisconsin, Shannan didn’t try to resist him or escaping from him, and he thinks she may have started praying.

“You’re never gonna see the kids again, you’re never gonna see them again,” Shannan allegedly told Watts before the fatal attack as a report obtained by People reads.

Watts has reportedly experienced some kind of spiritual awakening behind bars, after having turned to the Bible to reflect on his deeds, which prompted him to open up with the authorities and the public about his despicable crimes.

The man also revealed that the 3 and 4 years old girls were still alive as he drove them to an oil field where he was going to dispose of Shannan’s body, which he carried in the bed of his truck as the girls rode in the backseat.

“If I was thinking, this wouldn’t have happened, or any partial hint of what I feel for those girls and what I feel for my wife, then none of this would have happened. So I wasn’t thinking.”

-Chris Watts, People, March 7, 2019.

Once they arrived at his chosen spot, Watts went on to smother Celeste, who was called CeCe, while Bella watched. He proceeded to dump her body in an old field and went back to the car to murder his remaining daughter, who begged for her life.

“Bella asked him in her soft voice, ‘Is the same thing gonna happen to me as Cece? He is not sure if he told Bella ‘yes’ like a horrible person,” the report continues.

“He wished it never happened and he never had a blinder over his eyes and could have seen what was going on,” reads the report, which also states that Watts reads passages of the Bible to his late wife and children every night.

According to the legal team representing Shannan’s family, Watts’ recent confession is a spontaneous and disinterested one, and they believe his taking refuge in religion is genuine.

“So I think it is the jailhouse religion. Our understanding is that he is now remorseful, and he's found God,” the lawyers told Daily Mail.

“We don't believe that he has been offered anything, or that here is anything that could be given to him or traded,” one of them added.

But since the tapes were released, the media wonders if Watts’ clarification of what happened the night of the killings will mean anything for his legal case.

Whether that is the case or not, the new information on the subject could certainly provided Shannan’s family with some form of closure following this tragic loss.

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