Fatal Brazil School Shooting Leaves Several Dead Including 5 Children

Authorities reveal that two hooded teenagers opened fire at a school in southern Brazil. They killed six people before taking their own lives.

According to reports, two hooded young men entered an elementary school in Brazil on Wednesday morning. They carried loaded weapons and proceeded to open fire killing at least five children and one adult.

Police revealed the shooters wore masks when they entered the school at around 9:30 a.m. local time. After killing a group of people they then took their own lives.

Reuters reported that other children were injured in the shooting at the Raul Brasil elementary school, in the Suzano region of Sao Paulo. They were reportedly taken to hospitals for treatment.

Another shooting occurred near the school moments before the tragedy unfolded at Raul Brasil. Police, however, say it is unclear if the two incidents are linked.

Though Brazil has among the highest number of murders in the world, school shootings are rare. The last one occurred in 2011. A former student of a school returned and fatally shot 12 children. Gun laws are strict in Brazil but some people still obtain them through the black market.

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