Extra TV: 'Please Hurry up and Get Here' - 911 Call from Luke Perry's House Released

On February 27, actor Luke Perry suffered a massive stroke at his Los Angeles home. Subsequently, he was rushed to a hospital where he died on March 4.

“Extra” has now obtained and released the call that was made to 911 on behalf of the star.

The publication recently released a highly censored audio recording that was made from Luke Perry’s home. In it, a 911 operator is heard speaking to a woman who appears to have made the call.

The male operator asks the woman a number of questions like “Is he injured? Did he hurt himself? Did he fall? Is he able to speak with you? Is he breathing normally?" He also instructs her, "Have him stay where he is at until they arrive — they are on their way.”

The unidentified woman on the phone revealed that she’d come home and found Perry, 52, before calling. The operator asks, “Does he have any other complaints, symptoms of serious medical history? They will be there soon… if he should get any worse before we arrive, please call us back.”

Despite the urgency of the call, the female caller remains quite calm. Most of her answers have been redacted but at one point she says, “Yes, please hurry up and get here.”

A source shared some information about the actor’s condition at the time saying, "He never regained consciousness. Things were so dire that they put him under heavy sedation. He was gone, basically, by the time he got to the hospital.”

The “Beverly Hills, 90210” alum and “Riverdale” star was taken to St Joseph's Hospital in Burbank, California. His representative shared that he was “sedated” in the hope that his brain could recover from the trauma, but he never woke up.

Perry’s fiancée, Wendy Madison Bauer, released a heartfelt statement about the late star on March 9.

She said:

“I want to express my gratitude to everyone for the outpouring of love and support. The countless, heartwarming stories of Luke’s generosity and kindness have been a great source of solace during this difficult time. The past 11½ years with Luke were the happiest years of my life and I am grateful to have had that time with him.”

The actor will be laid to rest at the Los Angeles Forest Lawn cemetery.

The actor’s representative also revealed that Bauer, Perry’s ex-wife Minnie Sharp, his mother Ann Bennett, step-father Steve Bennett, brother Tom Perry, sister Amy Coder, and other close family and friends were present when he passed away. In lieu of flowers, the star’s family has asked that donations be made to Fight Colorectal Cancer and St. Jude’s Children’s Hospital.

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