Joke: Beautiful Young Blonde Woman Causes Chaos on a Plane

Sometimes we wonder why certain people are leaders and others are merely followers. Here's a good laugh to help make the distinction.

Ignore the "dumb blonde" stereotype and have a laugh at the cleverness of the pilot instead, this one is definitely a joke you will share with your friends.

A commercial airplane is en-route to Chicago. One of the flight attendants asks a beautiful young blonde woman who moved to a free seat in first class, to go back to her seat in economy class.

“You’ve only paid for economy class,” says the flight attendant.

“I’m blonde, and I’m beautiful”

The confident 18-year-old woman responds: “I’m blonde. I’m beautiful. I’m sexy. I’m going to Chicago, and I’m not moving from this seat!”

The flight attendant asks a few more times but eventually gives up. So she asks the co-pilot for help, but he gets the same response:

“I’m blonde. I’m beautiful. I’m sexy. I’m going to Chicago, and I’m not moving from this seat, so stop annoying me!"

Then the co-pilot goes back to the cockpit and asks the captain what to do.

“What does this person look like?” asks the captain.

“A blonde. Young – probably not even in her twenties yet.”

“I’ll handle this,” replies the captain confidently. “I speak blonde. I’m married to a blonde.”

He goes back to first class, leans down next to the woman and whispers quietly in her ear.

Everyone is shocked to see the young lady hurrying back to her own seat in economy class. She sits down looking rather winded, mumbling to herself, “Well, why didn’t they say that from the beginning…?”

The passengers in first class burst into applause with everyone patting the pilot as he walks back to take his own seat in the cockpit. But the flight attendant and co-pilot are curious.

They ask the captain what he said to her to get her to move. The captain replied:

“I told her that first class isn’t going to Chicago.”

Via The Laugh Bible 

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