Kate Hudson Says It’s ‘Love All Around’ as She Shares Adorable Family Pic with Daughter

Kate Hudson is a proud mom to daughter Rani Rose and claims to be feeling "Love all around" with her boyfriend, Danny Fujikawa.

Kate Hudson, 39, is head-over-heels in love with her boyfriend Danny Fujikawa, 32, and their delightful 5-month-old little girl, Rani Rose.

Rani's huge smile as her parents showed her love with hugs and cuddles was a case of cuteness overload, with Kate captioning the picture, “Love all around.”

The actress also shared a video of Rani on International Women's Day that had fans swooning at the sheer cuteness of the little one.

The two beauties had an important message for all women in the video: 

“What are we gonna say, Rani? Today is International Women’s Day, and we say happy International Women’s Day to all the women out there. We celebrate you. All that you do and all that you are, we love you!”

The actress is a dedicated mom and is currently breastfeeding Rani, saying that providing sustenance for her baby is her life right now, with Fujikawa teasing her about pumping, saying:

“She’s gonna pump on the way to this bar, apparently.”

Rani Rose is Hudson's only daughter and third child. She shares a son, Bingham Hawn, 7, with ex-fiancé Matt Bellamy and has another son, Ryder Russell, 15, from her previous marriage with Chris Robinson. 

Hudson has known her partner Danny for fifteen years. Fujikawa is the stepbrother of Kate’s best friends Sara and Erin Foster.

Rani was named after Danny’s father, Ron Fujikawa, a well-respected lawyer from California who sadly passed away in 2012 without getting to meet his granddaughter.

She credits mom Goldie Hawn, 73, with her ability to co-parent her children as Kate, daughter of Bill Hudson, was parented by her mother and long-term partner Kurt Russell without hearing any negativity about her father. 

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