Jimmy Kimmel Compared Mitt Romney to an Alien amid His Twinkies Birthday Cake

Comfort Omovre
Mar 15, 2019
02:32 P.M.
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Senator Mitt Romney’s birthday cake was so bizarre; it sent tongues wagging. It led to a comparison of the Senator with aliens.


Birthday cakes have evolved from the traditional round pan shape to something more creative. Bakers have found ways to create what celebrants want, and there is no limit to their creation.


In Senator Mitt Romney’s case, the creative minds were his staff members who forfeited getting him an actual cake. They decided instead to arrange his favorite snack—Twinkles—in the shape of a cake.

If you expected the Senator to be displeased, you would be disappointed; as he was so pleased with the gesture, he posted a video on Twitter. The Twinkles cake was to mark the Politician turning 72.


The cake has since become a favorite topic among television hosts, including Jimmy Kimmel. The host of the “Jimmy Kimmel Live” show described the cake as something to be expected from the Senator.

Kimmel said Twinkles are white on the outside and within, just like Romney, adding that the video revealed more about the Republican than his campaign video in 2012.  The TV personality also compared the Senator to an alien.


Stephen Colbert of the “Late Show” and the “Daily Show” host, Trevor Noah, also took jabs at the Twinkles creation. Both hosts compared the whiteness of the snack with the 72-year-old, with Colbert adding that just like Twinkles, Romney was ageless.

As fun as it was to joke about the cake, what caught everyone one’s attention was how the Utah representative took out the candles in the cake singularly before gently blowing them out. This tactic started a social media debate, with some Twitter users viewing it as weird, while others thought it was cool.

Dana Schwartz of “Entertainment Weekly” wrote that blowing out the candles individually meant that saliva wouldn’t be on it. Roxane Gay—@rgay—wrote on Twitter:


“How do you not know how to blow out candles? Distressing Mitt.”


Greg Howard Jnr—@greghoward—wrote he was upset for watching the video, while Rodney—@RodHargrove—simply called it “Awkward.” Romney explained he had a cold that day, and did not want to get germs on the Twinkles.

Director of Workplace Health and Safety Programs at Cornell University, Nellie Brown, applauded the Senator’s attempt. Brown, speaking with the “New York Post” said that the gesture didn’t do much, as airborne infections are transferred in other ways.

These infections are common with the flu, and spread with coughing or sneezing, even if the carrier is six-feet away.

A 2017 study by the “Journal of Food and Research” discovered that bacteria on frosting goes up by 1, 400 percent when people blow out candles on birthday cakes.

Romney became a Senator two months ago, and once had his sights on the White House.