Joke: Three Women Die and Go to Heaven

Above the clouds, at the gates of heaven, three women were met by St. Peter who instructed them, “before you enter, I have to tell you one important rule: Don’t step on the ducks!”

After they were allowed passage, they found that there were indeed ducks everywhere making it almost impossible to walk without stepping on one. 

The first woman couldn’t manage it and stepped on a duck on her first day. St. Peter appeared immediately, and he brought with him the ugliest man she had ever seen. She looked up at him worriedly as he said,

“Your punishment for stepping on a duck is to spend eternity chained to this man!”

The next day, it was the second woman who accidentally stepped on a duck. And as expected, St. Peter arrived with another repulsive man and chained them.

Determined to avoid the fate of the other women, the third one walked very carefully through heaven and avoided stepping on the ducks successfully for months. Then one day, St. Peter came by accompanied by the most handsome man she had ever seen. 

He was tall, well-built, and had beautiful eyes with long eyelashes. After they were chained together, St. Peter left without a word.

The woman felt thrilled by her prize saying,

“I wonder what I did to deserve this chance to spend all eternity with you!”

The man simply replied,

“Well I don’t know what you did, lady, but I stepped on a duck!”

This funny story reminded us of the one about a man who needed a cold beer to finish off his day in the best way possible. He sat in his chair, turn on his TV, and asked his wife:

“Honey, please get me a hard drink, I think it’s about to start.”

The wife was not thrilled by the request and gave her husband an angry glance before she went ahead to get him the drink. Taking a suitable beer from the fridge in the kitchen, she handed it to the man. 

After he was done gulping the alcohol, this man once again called on his wife.

“Honey, please get me another one quickly before it starts.”

His wife who was now frustrated with his demands yelled at him,

“And what’s wrong with you? Do I look like your personal waiter?! You just plop yourself down on your chair and expect me to be at your beck and call! Is that all I’m good for?! I’ve been slaving at home all day and this is how you treat me! How dare you…”

Now the husband tired of his wife's reaction sighed and silently whispered,

“Too late, it’s started.”

Sources: Startsat60, AmazingJokes

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