Trump’s Lawyer Rudy Giuliani Claims His Wife Turned Their Divorce into a ‘Circus’

Rudy Giuliani’s divorce is only getting uglier and recently he claimed his wife turned their divorce into a “circus”.

According to a source, an irate Giuliani grumbled and cussed his way through a contentious Manhattan divorce court hearing Wednesday.

“I have no desire to remain married to her for one more day,” the former-Hizzoner grumbled outside the courthouse.

The judge, Michael Katz, said that former New York City mayor and his estranged wife Judith Nathan are going to have a bitter matrimonial trial.

Katz predicts that they are going to be moving the case along to a “lengthy and unpleasant trial”.

“We’ll do what we need to do to resolve this case,” he said.

Giuliani has even accused Nathan of failing to let him know about a bank account with merely

$100 in it.

Previously, Katz asked Trump’s personal lawyer to not interrupt the proceeding after he called his wife’s claims “bulls--t!” in a series of outburst and also reminded him that he was not the lawyer in the case.

Giuliani’s outburst was a response to a remark that Nathan’s side made about a pending asset appraisal.

The sides hurled accusations at one another, with Giuliani claiming that Nathan even “harassed” him at a country club.

After all the unpleasantness, the judge asked the duo to not be in the same room.

“Whoever is in the room first gets to stay in the room,” Katz said. “If Mr. Giuliani is in one room in one of their common clubs, he can go to a different room and visa versa.”

The estranged couple is battling over millions of dollars and multiple properties in the Hamptons, Manhattan, and Florida. Each spouse reports having a $230,000-plus monthly budget.

After Giuliani's affair with Dr. Maria Rosa Ryan was uncovered, the couple decided to spit up. They filed for divorce last April after 15 years of marriage.

Meanwhile, Nathan insists on being addressed as “Giuliani” even after all the turmoil. She snapped at a reporter who called her “Ms.Nathan”, saying Giuliani is her name.

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