Manager Searching for Owner of Mysterious 96-Year-Old Bible Left in a Restaurant

A restaurant manager is searching for the owner of a 96-year-old bible that was left behind by a patron.

Ruben Navarrette, manager at Azzurro Restaurant at Richmond, Va., told a source that the bible was discovered on a chair in the bathroom of the restaurant. The old bible was tattered and stored in a one-gallon Ziplock bag.

A name “Eleanor Pauline Dillard” was written in cursive on the bible along with a date “December 25, 1923”.A small bookmark with a picture of Jesus Christ was also found between the pages of the book.

The manager shared he did not want to touch the bible because it is “so fragile” and he put it in a safe to keep it safe.

Six months later, the owner of the bible has not returned back for it like the Navarette had assumed they would.


Navarette even tried searching up names with the restaurant’s reservation system but unfortunately, he did not come across any information on it.


However, he has not lost hope that the owner is going to miss their bible and they will come looking for it. He hopes media coverage will alert the customer to where the missing bible is.


"It definitely belongs to someone’s family and I'm sure it has a lot of sentimental value to them.


The manager sure knows how much value a bible holds for a person.


In other news, a devastating fire broke out at Freedom Ministries Church in Grandview, West Virginia and while the church was left charred wreckage, the bibles were intact.


In a building so hot the firefighters had to back out, it is of extraordinary occurrence that the bibles along with the crosses were left unharmed.


No firefighters were injured in the operation and the cause of fire is still unknown.

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