Iconic 'Card Sharks' and 'Press Your Luck' TV-Shows Return to Air on ABC

ABC is bringing entertainment back to the small screens of all American homes with the revival of Card Sharks and Press Your Luck.

The chain decided to bring back the beloved classics to its series of game shows, according to ABC. The revival will come from the hand of Fremantle and will begin to take place in the spring so the announcement dates will be said very soon.

It is not yet known who will host the revivals, although many suspect that the lucky ones could be some of the current presenters of the ABC game show that includes Steve Harvey (Celebrity Family Feud), Alec Baldwin (Match Game), Michael Strahan (The $ 100,000 Pyramid) and Anthony Anderson (To Tell the Truth).

"Press Your Luck" was first broadcast in 1983, with Peter Tomarken as host. According to the rules of the game, contestants must first answer a round of trivia questions in which each correct answer gives them turns on a prize board.

However, this prize board also carries some risk, since landing in a "Whammy" will take away all your money and your prizes.

Game Show Network launched in 2002 an updated version of this program called Whammy! The All New Press Your Luck with host Todd Newton, but the show lasted only two seasons.

On the other hand, Card Sharks debuted on NBC in 1978 with Jim Perry as host. In this game, the participants try to guess the results of the audience surveys on a variety of topics, to have the opportunity to flip large cards on a large board.

From there, each participant must decide if the odds deserve the risk of losing everything and get to the big game or continue betting with the hope of reaching the top to have the opportunity to take home a prize in cash.

According to an article published by Entertainment Weekly, the popular game show “Deal or No Deal” will be returning with a new season on CNBC later this year.

The show gathered high ratings during its first streak between 2005 and 2009. It is now set to make a grand comeback with Howie Mandel, the beloved original host.

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