'Genius' 4-Year-Old Alannah George Taught Herself to Read, Has IQ of 140

The four-year-old Alannah George from the UK became the country's second youngest member of the elite group, Mensa. 

Her parents recall that she had an exceptional love for words and numbers and since a young age, and taught herself how to read at the age of two. 

Nadine, 37, and Edmund, 39, describes Alannah's acceptance into Mensa as a "scary realization" which was both exciting and overwhelming. 

Mensa in Bremen. Photo: Wikimedia Commons

Mensa in Bremen. Photo: Wikimedia Commons


Nadine adds that Alannah "lives and breathes" academia, even at such a young age. Alannah's remarks and results are proof of that. Nadine adds: 

"She is coming on leaps and bounds. She has got an aptitude for reading and can decode words herself. Alannah was always very alert as a child. We never taught her how to read; she just did it on her own."

Alannah attends the prestigious St. George's School in Windsor Castle, most notably attended by Princess Eugenie. 


Needless to say, she is top in her class, and her parents say her every milestone surprises them. She said her first word when she was seven months old. 

By the time she celebrated her 18-month birthday, Alannah could speak full sentences. By the age of three, she could read full paragraphs. 

While her friends are watching "Peppa Pig," "Dennis The Menace," and other children's shows, Alannah watches "Endless Numbers." 

Her parents noticed that there was something special about Alannah during her first year. They contacted D.r Congdon for intelligence tests. 

The doctor confirmed that Alannah is a genius. She is three years ahead of her peers on the intelligence test and was able to answer questions for a higher age-specific IQ. 


Mensa was founded in 1946 by Roland Berrill and Dr. Lance Ware. The organization only accepts members with an IQ in the top 2% of the population. 

More than 121,000 people worldwide are members. The youngest member to ever join was two and a half years old, while the oldest was 103. 

Other notable names include former US President Bill Clinton, as well as model Laura Shields and Carol Vorderman, a TV presenter. 

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