Tori Roloff Posts Adorable Family Pic as She Can’t Wait to Share 'Highs and Lows’ This Season

Reality star Tori Roloff invites followers to join their family through its ups and downs in a new season of  “Little People, Big World.”

Tori excited her over 900,000 Instagram followers with her promo post for TLC’s hit show featuring her family with the caption,

“Did you hear the news?! Brand new episodes of Little People, Big World are coming to ya! Can’t wait to share some of highs and lows this year with all of you!”

The photo shows off her cute son, Jackson, with husband Zach and his parents, Matt and Amy Roloff. It garnered over 80,000 likes from fans who have been waiting for the show to air a new season.

It is clear that Jackson is growing up fast and he is growing a fanbase of his own as well. He gets adoring comments from users like, “I can’t get enough of your son, you must smother him with kisses. So darn cute!”

And another fan said, “He is just a beautiful boy!! Baby boys are the ABSOLUTE best!”

Jeremy, Audrey, and Ember Jean Roloff weren’t in the family photo since they announced their departure from the series.  The couple cited new projects and opportunities on the horizon as their reason for not renewing their contract, but still pledged support for the show and their family members in it.

After her baby Ember was born, Audrey made a statement on the show saying baby formula was “like a sin.”  She committed to breastfeeding her daughter, but due to mastitis, she was instructed by her doctor to supplement with formula. 

“I was very adamant about breastfeeding exclusively. Formula was, like, a sin. I just never thought I would do that but at the same time, I need to feed my baby, so we have to do it.”

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