'Blue Bloods' Sparks Rumors That Danny Reagan Might Start a Romantic Relationship with Maria

The post of a still of two “Blue Bloods” characters dancing in the series official Instagram account proved that fans of the police procedural drama are desperate to see them in a romantic relationship.

The characters Danny Reagan and Maria Baez, played by Donnie Wahlberg and Marisa Ramirez respectively, appeared dancing together in a March 8 post announcing an upcoming episode of the series, and it looks like love is in the air.

Danny is showing a big smile in the image, holding Maria’s hand while giving her a loving look as she turns her back to the camera, and this was enough to fuel the excitement of fans who hope to see a romance between them taking place.

“These two are great together. The writers should explore a relationship with Danny and his partner Maria Baez,” wrote Lesley Fitzpatrick in the comments section of the post.

“Love it! Danny and Maria would make such great partners off the job as well! They look adorable together!” another user added. “I've been hoping for this since beginning of season,” someone else said.

“Wondering when they will get together I can't wait!!” wrote yet another fan excited with the idea of the two working partners developing romantic feelings toward each other.

Since Danny’s wife Linda, played by Amy Carlson, died tragically off-screen between seasons 7 and 8, fans are rooting for Danny to find love again, and many are favoring a romance with Maria.

Considering the fans reaction to a simple photo of these two characters, we might be witnessing the birth of the series next fan-favourite romance, taking over the reign of Jamie Reagan and Eddie Jamko.

Ahead of the March 15 episode of “Blue Bloods,” currently in its 9th season, the show’s Twitter account teased about a familiar face from Seasons 6 and 8 making a return.

“Frank’s longtime friend Lenny pays him a visit,” reads the March 12 tweet showing a picture of actors Tom Selleck and Treat Williams in character as they enjoy a drink together.

But things might take an unpleasant turn for these two, according to a March 19 tweet in the show’s official account.

“Frank's longtime friend warns him that an upcoming exposé will air some of the NYPD's dirty laundry,” it reads.

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