Mick Jagger Has an Adult Biracial Daughter He Once Disowned. She Saved Him in His Darkest Hour

Mick Jagger has always embraced his numerous children from different women, but the one child he ever denied is the same one who turned around to support him in his darkest time of need.

There are two things synonymous with the Mick Jagger brand: good music and notoriety with women. The Rolling Stones lead singer went through women like a hot knife through butter.

"Choosing to be with Karis at this time is a simple choice for Mick."

Mick Jagger on May 29, 2018 in Southampton, England | Source: Getty Images

Mick Jagger on May 29, 2018 in Southampton, England | Source: Getty Images

One of them was Marsha Hunt, an African American actress/model who bore him his first child. Mick and Marsha began an affair while the music legend was still dating his then-girlfriend Marianne Faithfull, according to Daily Mail.

Mick was so taken with his new black beau that he wrote the 1971 song "Brown Sugar" for her. Not long after Mick and Marsha commenced their illicit affair, he broke up with Marianne and had Marsha move into his home in Chelsea.

Pregnancy agreement gone wrong

After realizing how much he missed Marianne’s son, whom he had gotten close to, Mick reportedly convinced Marsha to have a baby with him.

All was well with the world, until a few months into Marsha’s pregnancy, when Mick became distant. By the time she welcomed their daughter, Karis, on November 4, 1970, the Rock & Roll icon had moved on to the next woman.

Neglecting his daughter

The estranged exes were involved in several controversial back-and-forth episodes, mostly stemming from the fact that Mick had no desire to see Karis or contribute to her welfare in any way.

Their relationship was so bad that Mick even refused to pay his daughter’s hospital bills when she burned herself with hot tea at age 2.

Needing her help

Marsha had to involve the courts in 1973, prompting Mick to opt for an out-of-court settlement that included him paying into a trust fund for Karis and Marsha signing papers saying he wasn’t the girl’s father.

Despite his seeming disdain for his eldest child, Mick would eventually find his way back into her life when Karis was 12, and ironically, she was there for him in 2014 when his designer girlfriend L’Wren Scott committed suicide.

The quiet sibling

Although his other children were present, it was Karis who helped Mick organize an intimate funeral for Scott and gave her father a haven where he could retreat.

Unlike her other siblings, Karis keeps a low profile and is never found in the tell-tale trappings of a showbiz lifestyle. One of Mick’s friends told Daily Mail at the time:

“Choosing to be with Karis at this time is a simple choice for Mick. He’s picked the adult child of his who is the furthest away from showbiz nonsense and who doesn’t come with any entourage or baggage.”

Despite being married to Jonathan Watson, a director working in Hollywood, Karis continues to live most of her life under the radar.

Her children, Mazie and Zak, were born in 2002 and 2004 respectively, and even though Karis was not working as in 2014, she now co-owns “Hey Sistah,” a blog about “food, friendship & culture.”

Besides Karis, Mick has seven other children with four women.

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