Shoppers Go Wild over Genius $11 Belts That Prevent Jeans from Gaping

The quest of finding that pair of jeans that fit just right can be a daunting task, but the no-buckle belt will not only stop the gaping but will probably also be the only belt you’d ever want.

Any person with a smaller waist than hip size will understand the annoyance of gaping jeans at the back, however, this clever accessory will soon become a firm favorite.

The unique find from the womenswear brand Suosdey clips around the belt loop on the one side of your trousers and wraps around the back with its elastic strap and clips around the belt loop on the other side and ensures no gaping. There is also no cumbersome belt buckle pressing against your stomach.

No Buckle Belt. | Source: Amazon

No Buckle Belt. | Source: Amazon

It also comes with an extra metal round ring you can use to change up the look into different fashion styles. There are also five different shades to choose from as the belt is available in coffee, beige, black, blue and brown while choosing the black belt will give you an additional choice between gold or silver stud detailing.

The no-buckle belt comes in two standard sizes that can be adjusted within certain ranges. Making adjustments are easy by sliding the metal bar until you get the desired fit.

No Buckle Belt. | Source: Amazon

No Buckle Belt. | Source: Amazon

With over 200 raving 5-star reviews on Amazon, it has women and men alike buying up a storm.

If you are in a jam because your best friend borrowed your no-belt buckle, there is another rescue for the unwanted gaping.

For the quick fix, all you need is 10 inches more or less, of 1 inch elastic, a safety pin, a seam ripper and two colors of thread.

One color that matches the trousers you will be working on, and the other color to match the topstitching of said trousers. Don't’ forget a needle suitable in size to the thickness of the material you’d be working with.

Firstly unpick about 1.5 inches of stitching on the waistband on either side on the back of the jeans. Line up the unstitching over the back pockets and then prepare to pull the elastic through.

Woman repairing a pair of blue jeans. | Source: Shutterstock

Woman repairing a pair of blue jeans. | Source: Shutterstock

Use the safety pin to pull the elastic through the gaps you have made in the stitches by threading the safety pin through the end of the elastic first and then inserting and threading it through the inside while keeping track of the opposite end.

Once the elastic is all the way through make sure it will create enough tension to avoid a gap from forming before sewing the desired resistance in place with two vertical seams. Once done you are good to go.

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