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March 28, 2019

The Conners' Main Stars Have Just Signed New Deals as Season 2 Is in the Work

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The spin-off launched after the downfall of Roseanne Barr has been approved for a second season two months after the first season finale, proving that the show is alive and kicking without its founder.

While some thought it was unlikely, devoted fans of “The Conners” were crossing fingers in hope for their beloved show to return for a second season after been reimagined without Roseanne Barr in it, and their wishes have been granted.

Despite the controversy that surrounded it, or precisely because of it, the “Roseanne” spin-off has been a success in its freshman season, recognized as the season’s Number 1 “new” comedy.



"We are proud to be continuing the story of the iconic Conners family. This team is fearless in their willingness to tackle contemporary issues with humor and heart, and I have no doubt they will continue to outdo themselves."

-ABC Entertainment president Karey Burke, Fox News, March 22, 2019.

Following the scandal caused by Barr’s racist tweets in June 2018, which ended up with the revival show’s second season’s cancellation and the firing of Barr from the ABC network, “The Conners” was created and released in October.


The original cast, minus Barr, kept the show going under the concept that the Conner’s matriarch suddenly died from opioid abuse after the revival season of “Roseanne,” and against all odds, it performed well with the audience.

Series producer Werner Entertainment finally secured new deals with the most important members of the cast, including John Goodman, Laurie Metcalf, Sara Gilbert, and Lecy Goranson, allowing the show to continue.


As has surfaced earlier and is now confirmed, the upcoming season will be 13-episodes-long, two more than the previous season. The salaries of the stars involved have also increased.

“The Conners” might not be as big as the “Roseanne” revival was, but it is still a success for the network, reaching 9.5 million total viewers, making it interesting enough for ABC to bring it back for a new season.

After Gilbert, who serves as the show’s executive producer, Goodman, who plays the Conners’ patriarch, and Metcalf signed their deals, it was pretty much a fact that Season 2 was happening.


Early in February, fans of “The Conners” panicked for a moment when ABC announced its series renewals for the upcoming season and the spinoff wasn’t among them.

Burke was quick to calm the fans down in this regard, revealing that although not ready at the time, they were close to finalizing a deal for a renewal.


Meanwhile, 66-year-old Barr has embarked on a new project on her own, returning with a surprise stand-up comedy act on March 16 at Las Vegas, joining fellow comedian Andrew Dice Clay to tell some jokes to a standing ovation.

Unsurprisingly, Barr used her appearance to share her feelings toward the ABC network following her falling from grace.

“Dear ABC, when you asked me back to once again bail out your [expletive], low-rated network, I did so with the same vigor I’ve always rocked, and I delivered you the highest ratings you’ve had in ten [expletive] years,” she said.