March 23, 2019

Little Puppy Cried like a Human When He Got Separated from the Cow That Raised Him

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A puppy named Rookie was left devastated when he got separated from the cow who became his mother figure. The poor dog cried, praying that she would hear him and return to him. 

The video below proved that just like humans, animals are also capable of feeling grief.

Rookie and his family's big, brown cow | Photo: YouTube/Kritter Klub


Rookie quickly ran from his yard, hurried down the road and followed the voice right to its source. 

The cow had stepped in to take care of Rookie when his mom could not. She acted like a real mother to the little puppy.

Subsequently, they had a remarkably tight bond. But their friendship was put to the test when the cow was sold away. 

At the point when Rookie apprehended that his trusted companion was gone, he was filled with pain and sorrow. He barked, cried, and searched for the cow over and over again.

Rookie crying like a human | Photo: YouTube/Kritter Klub


Rookie even sat tight for a considerable length of time in the barn, grasping the faith that his friend would come back.

Then, at some point, the devastated pooch heard a distant mooing. Rookie quickly ran from his yard, hurried down the road and followed the voice right to its source. 

His owner was calling the puppy's name, but Rookie was determined to find the cow.

Rookie then found his best friend living in another barn in the village. The dog was thrilled. He began pawing at the cow's face and licking her until his owner carried him away.


Rookie looked lost and hopeless at home. When he began to lose appetite, his owner got worried and decided to surprise the puppy.

They repurchased their old cow, even if keeping her was expensive for the family financially.

Rookie and the cow's reunion quickly went viral, and it’s not difficult to see why.

Real friendship transcends all boundaries. Just like Rookie, a dog named Meg also decided to keep his friend - a tiny, wild baby bunny -  forever.