Family Devastated as the Body of a 15-Year-Old Girl Last Seen Friday Was Found

The Bustos family grieve over the death of 15-year-old Samantha Bustos. The heartbreaking news came after a worker spotted the teenager's remains in an industrial area of Compton.

The security forces were alerted moments after the body of Samantha was discovered close to a National Retail System Company in the early hours of the day. The area is being restricted and taped, to abet the police in conducting their investigation.

The company’s vice president, Andy Miller, is also helping out in the ongoing investigation to determine what happened. In his revelation to KTLA he said :

“I got a call early this morning that they had found a body on the perimeter of the property, we’re cooperating with the police in every way possible. They asked for camera footage over some time."

In the details provided by the Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Department after they had examined the body, they revealed that the deceased was in a great deal of pain before she died as she secured a “traumatic” injury on her upper torso. The police also stated that the family of the teenager filed missing persons report a day to the discovery.

They concurred that her death was a homicide but the officials had shared no information as regards the cause of death or the amount of time the body spent in the location before they found it. The police have not apprehended the culprits, but have put up their contact, in case of any useful tip from the public.

The family is in a fix as they are also eager to know what happened to her before she died. A cousin of the adolescent scripted what had transpired the night to her disappearance.

KTLA disclosed the mail from her cousin, Victor Lopez. In his message, he described what had occurred on the day of her departure, he said:

“Bustos never returned home after hanging out with friends Friday afternoon, which is not normal behavior.”

Her uncle, De Jesus, also said to KTLA :

“Day and night, we drove around everywhere looking for her and nothing. At night, I felt something was wrong”.

Reports ascertain that she left home for a party with her best friend on Friday night and later left with two guys whom she met at the party.

A GoFundMe campaign has been set up by her family in a bid to gather funds for her burial.

Before the Bustos tragedy, the body of a 17-year old male, Julia Garcia was found in Kearns, two weeks after the boy’s parents notified the authorities that he was missing.

In a report, the police questioned his friends, and they said they last saw him a day before he was declared missing. They are yet to examine his body, which was found buried in snow.

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