Eva Marcille Reveals She Lives in Multiple Homes to Hide from Alleged Abusive Ex Kevin McCall

Claudine Varela
Mar 27, 2019
10:12 A.M.

"Real Housewives of Atlanta" star Eva Marcille is forced to reveal that she's been switching homes to avoid her alleged abusive ex-husband after rumors spread among the housewives that she lives in a "raggedy little house" due to financial problems.


In the recent episode of “The Real Housewives of Atlanta,” viewers saw Eva Marcille revealing she had no permanent address. Marcille was forced to divulge the information after a rumor spread that she was in a financial hole and the house she currently lives in is not hers. To clarify the matter, she disclosed that she’s moved houses five times due to the threat of her ex-husband, Kevin McCall.


"I’ve walked outside of my balcony before and he’s been standing in the dark. And it is the scariest feeling ever.”


The 34-year-old said she’s had several restraining orders against McCall since she left him in 2015, a year after the birth of their daughter, Marley Rae. She accused him of domestic abuse.

Now that she’s re-married to Michael Sterling, the father of her 5-month-old son, Michael Jr., she admits she’s still wary of McCall.

“I still feel a sense of threat. I have had to move five times, and I still feel a sense of uneasiness. He’s just so petty sometimes. I’ve walked outside of my balcony before and he’s been standing in the dark. And it is the scariest feeling ever.”


Apart from moving houses regularly to make it harder for her ex to locate her, Marcille says she also asked for the FBI’s assistance at one point. But ultimately, moving homes is what makes her feel safest.

“Every time I move, he finds me. Because of that, I live in multiple places. Safety is a priority for me.”


Marcille’s revelation came in the heels of a rumor circulated by one of her bridesmaids she named as Seannita Parmer which reached Hampton. According to her, Marcille’s car had been repossessed alluding to the model having financial problems. Moreover, she claimed Marcille’s current home isn’t hers and that she actually lived in “a raggedy little house” across a golf course which is not under her name. This, she said, was due to Marcille’s bad credit.


"We don’t reveal our address. We have multiple addresses. Some are under aliases. We’ve got to move around.”

On a side note, Parmer also told Hampton that Marcille is a lesbian with girlfriends in LA.



Marcille skipped on commenting about her sexual orientation but she blew up when she realized her friend’s betrayal. She told her viewers,

“Seannita was literally one of my best friends in the world. She was more than a friend, she was a sister. But after my wedding, we fell out horribly. She just showing me she’s far from perfect. She ain’t even good.”

She continued,

“She called the world and spoke my name and tried to spit venom and lies and take a fraction of the truth in any story and spin that and make it as disgusting as possible.”

Later, Marcille returned with her husband and told NeNe Leakes that Parmer and Hampton didn’t understand what she was going through.


“The problem is that [Seannita and Hampton] don’t understand the gravity of our security concerns. We don’t reveal our address. We have multiple addresses. Some are under aliases. We’ve got to move around.”


But Hampton seemed convinced Marcille was lying about McCall.

“I believe that your baby father might be a little cuckoo but girl, he ain’t after you like that. You post on your Instagram where you’re going, where you’re making appearances at. Doesn’t mean he’s checking for you like that. That’s done and over with, okay?”


Regardless, fans went after Hampton accusing her of spreading rumors about her friend. To this, she responded with a lengthy defense on her Instagram. She claims she did nothing wrong and only passed on what she heard out of concern, something the housewives have done to her too for six years, she pointed out. She also hinted at other housewives who laughed behind Marcille’s back when they first heard the rumors. Bottom line, she’s had enough of the lies about her.

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