Barbra Streisand Calls Her Baby Granddaughter a ‘Real Accomplishment’ in an Emotional Interview

Comfort Omovre
Mar 27, 2019
04:43 P.M.

Barbra Streisand has done it all, but in an emotional interview, she referred to her granddaughter as her real accomplishment.


Barbra Streisand is a singer, songwriter, actress, and filmmaker. A new title was added to her five months ago— grandmother.


Last November, the talented actress' step-son, John Brolin and his wife, Kathryn, welcomed a daughter, Westlyn Reign Bolin, and Streisand has done nothing but gushes about her.

In a recent interview with "The Times," to discuss her upcoming concerts, the new grandmother got emotional talking about her first grandchild and how it feels to be a grandma.

The 76-year-old unable to contain her excitement, told the news outlet that Westlyn was her "Real accomplishment." The proud grandmother added that she is glad and blessed to have the little girl in her life.


The singer also told the magazine that before the baby was born, Kathryn bought her an engraved bracelet that had the words "Grandma," adding that she loves it too much and never takes it off.

The "The Way You Are" singer revealed she was a hands-on grandmother, who loves to help change her granddaughter's diaper, doesn't mind it.

Those who follow Streisand on social media will not be surprised by this, as it's evident that the award-winning singer is devoted to Westlyn. At her birth, the eight-time "Grammy" award winner posted a cute video of the little girl on Instagram.


The post came with a welcome note and a reveal of the baby's name. In January, 50-year-old Brolin, shared a picture of grandmother and granddaughter, with the former cradling the baby.

Sharing the picture on her Instagram, the "Evergreen" singer wrote that although they were in a restaurant, "The most delicious thing " was her granddaughter.

Streisand is having a great time playing granny, in spite of her busy schedule.


The five-time "Emmy" award-winner has had an exciting life, even though her life started with a great tragedy.

The New York native was born in 1942, in Brooklyn, and fifteen months later, her father died. The singer rose above it to become a force to be reckoned with as an actress and a singer, bagging several awards and selling over 145 million records.

The pop icon was married twice. First to Elliot Gould in 1968, and second to James Brolin in 1998. The singer and James are still together, and she is also a Democrat and gay rights activist.

Westlyn is Streisand first grandchild, as her step-son already had two children—Trevor, 30, and Eden, 25—before she married his father.

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