Rasheeda Frost Takes Care of Kirk Frost's Love Child Together with Her Own Son in Touching Photo

Jaimie-lee Prince
Mar 27, 2019
08:11 P.M.

On the first episode of "Love and Hip Hop: Atlanta," Rasheeda Frost showed just how far she's willing to go to keep the peace between herself and her husband.


After a paternity test proved that Kirk Frost fathered love child Kannon, things between the married couple were at first unclear. The two reportedly separated for a time.

It changed when Rasheeda made the decision to accept her husband's misgivings and even spend time with the little one. Kirk fathered Kannon with ex-stripper Jasmine Washington.

In the first episode of season 8, Rasheeda opens her arms to two-year-old Kannon, at one point getting a taste of his little attitude when he forcefully told her "no" after she asked him to hand over a smartphone.


Of course, the innocent little boy just wanted to play, and the 36-year-old indulged him with what appeared to be a tickle fight in a photo Rasheeda shared to Instagram.

The picture featured Kannon lying next to Karter, the couple's youngest son. Rasheeda was also nearby with her hand on Kannon's shoulder. He laughed while holding a pacifier in his mouth.

The caption read:

"Kids have so much energy. These two are a handful."

In the comment section, one follower named "briblegit" commended Rasheeda for her actions saying:

"This isn’t surprising. This is what real women do. This child doesn’t know what went on & deserves the same love period."


Another named Nette stated: "I'm sorry I could never but I applaud you." A woman with username "iamdcfinest" said, "this is called forgiveness without residual-ness! Amen!"

Despite the child's innocence, there were a few criticisms from Rasheeda about how he was being parented. In a preview clip shared by VH1, the female emcee gave her take on Kannon not being potty-trained:

"This is my first time meeting Kannon and yes, it is a bit of an eye-opener. Yeah, he is in his 'terrible twos,' but I ain't gon' lie if he was being raised in my household, ain't no Pull-Ups at two."

Washington quickly responded to the comments about her parenting skills in an Instagram story captured by the Shade Room: “I was going to hold my tongue, but that really wouldn’t be me, so here goes."

Another slide continued:


"First of all, anyone who thinks this is a fake storyline because what's her name said so is an idiot. I'm not too fond of my mothering skills being put into question by those that aren't even really in the picture beside when it's time to film or when it's convenient for you."

Washington then seemed to implore Kirk and Rasheeda to help her since she was raising her child as a single mother. She further claimed that right after the scene from the show, they dropped Kannon back at her home which is "right around the corner."


Washington and Kirk's actions caused Rasheeda to split up with her husband for some time last year. The two were back together by June, however. At that time, Kirk shared the first pictures of his love child to the public.

It followed after Washington spoke to her baby's father about stepping up in his child's life. She reminded him that he would "miss moments and [was] going to regret it."

Now that Rasheeda is also accepting of her newly extended family, fans anticipate the unfolding of things between the married woman and the former mistress as the season goes on.

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