Fifth-Grade South Carolina Girl Dies from Critical Injuries Sustained during Classroom Fight

A young fifth-grade student from South Carolina has passed away after obtaining critical physical injuries during a classroom fight. 

For many students, classroom fights don't always end up lethal. However, a 10-year-old girl was not so fortunate after a school fight at the Forest Hills Elementary School in Walterboro as she had succumbed to her injuries. 

The child, identified as fifth-grader Raniya Wright, passed away at the Medical University of South Carolina, where she was airlifted from the Colleton Medical Center after a fight ensued in the classroom. 

The assault on Wright is now under investigation by the Colleton County Sherrif's Office, and another student included in the fight has been suspended. 

In a statement released by the Colleton County School District, they mourned the loss of one of their young students. 

"We are devastated by this news, and we want our communities to keep their thoughts and prayers with the student’s family at this time. CCSD officials continue to focus on providing needed support services to our students, teachers, staff, and community."


Understanding that bullying is the sole cause of her daughter's death, Ash Wright has been using social media as a platform to advance her cause. 

She has been asking for prayers for her little girl, who tragically passed away after sustaining critical physical injuries after two other pupils jumped on her. 

Since then, messages of love, strength, and condolences have been flooding Ash's Facebook page, with all of them crying for justice. 


Bullying has taken the lives of thousands of people around the world, yet it continues to be rampant especially in schools. 

Some victims have even gone so far as to take their own lives just to try and stop bullying from ever happening again. 

In America alone, a third of teenagers have been involved in bullying, either as the bully or the victim. Although not all forms of bullying are extreme, even the smallest act can affect the victim tremendously both physically and emotionally. 

Because of the words or actions of others, some victims have gone to the extent of ending their lives or falling into deep depression. 

With the spotlight on school bullying yet again because of the tragic incident that occurred in South Carolina, schools should finally impose strict measures on bullying and include it in their curriculum if necessary, so that heartbreaking incidents like these would not happen ever again. 

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