Wife Taught Lazy Husband a Lesson When He Refused to Help Out around the House

A wife told her husband over and over to help her, but he didn't listen. So she decided to teach him a lesson.

One of the best things for a relationship is to show a bit of appreciation and doing something you may consider a chore without complaint.

That’s a lesson this husband learned the complicated way. While he was watching a football game at home, his wife interrupted him.

“Honey, could you fix the light in the hallway? It’s been flickering for weeks now.”

He looked at her and said angrily, “Fix the lights now? Does it look like I have a GE logo printed on my forehead? I don’t think so.”

“Fine," the wife said. She then asked him, “Well then could you fix the fridge door? It won’t close right.”

To which he responded, “Fix the fridge door? Does it look like I have ‘Westinghouse’ written on my forehead? I don’t think so.”

“Fine. Then at least you could fix the steps to the front door? They are about to break.”

“I’m not a carpenter, and I don’t want to fix steps,” he replied. “Does it look like I have ‘Ace Hardware’ written on my forehead? I don’t think so. I’ve had enough of you. I’m going to the bar!”

The husband went to the bar and drank for a couple of hours. Began feeling guilty about how he treated his wife, he decided to go home.

As he walked into the house, he noticed that the steps were already fixed and the hall light was working when he entered. The fridge door was also fixed as he went to get a beer.

"Honey, how did all this get fixed?" he asked his wife.

“Ah well, when you left I sat outside and cried. Just then a nice young man asked me what was wrong, and I told him. He offered to do all the repairs, and all I had to do was either go to bed with him or bake a cake," she replied.

He asked, “So what kind of cake did you bake him?”

“Helloooo, do you see ‘Betty Crocker’ written on my forehead? I don’t think so," she answered.

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