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March 29, 2019

Viola Davis Posts Heartwarming Family Photo with Husband and Daughter after Skydiving in Hawai'i

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Viola Davis shares a heartwarming family photo with her husband and daughter while spending quality time at the beach. 

Viola Davis might play career-centric roles on television, but she proved that real life is a whole lot different for her. To her, family always comes first and she will always spend as much time as she can with them. 

During her off time, she made sure to make the most out of her free time by taking her family to the beach. In a new photo she shared on Instagram, she shared a photo with her loves. 


In the photo, Viola lovingly hugs her daughter, while her husband carefully placed an affectionate hand on her arm. 

"My loves. My heart."



Viola and her husband Julius Tennon have been together for fifteen years that they are extremely comfortable with one another, no matter what it is they are doing. 

In one of their family affairs, the lovely couple, along with their daughter Genesis, showed off their playful side on social media. 


In an adorable photo posted on Instagram, the proud mom shares a wacky photo of her and her two family members. The trio seems to be having a great time, clearly enjoying one another's company while out at an establishment. While Viola happily smiled with her mouth open, Genesis and Julius showed off their best wacky poses.

Viola and Julius got married in 2003, and adopted their little girl in 2011. While her daughter did not come from her biologically, she evidently loves her with all her heart as seen in the tributes she shares for the little girl on social media. It seems Genesis has also developed a passion for the arts like her mother, showing a clear love and appreciation for acting.