Rick Fox's Son Is All Grown up and Looks Exactly like Dad with His Mesmerizing Green Eyes

Staring at a photo of Rick Fox’s son, Kyle Fox is like staring at the former basketball star in his younger years. What sets them apart, though, are Kyle’s striking green eyes.

Before Rick Fox married Vanessa Williams, he already had a son, Kyle, from his previous relationship with the boy’s mother, Kari Hillsman. But due to the demands of Rick’s job as a professional basketball player, distance set them apart.

Kyle lived with his mother on the East Coast while Rick was based in Los Angeles playing for the Lakers.  It was only when Kyle moved to LA to study in Loyola Marymount that the father and son spent more time together. Kyle eventually moved in with Rick.

Actor Rick Fox visits "Extra" at Burbank Studios on November 12, 2019 in Burbank, California | Getty Images

Actor Rick Fox visits "Extra" at Burbank Studios on November 12, 2019 in Burbank, California | Getty Images



In later years, Kyle introduced his father to his love for video gaming, and soon, the two connected over it. In fact, Rick was so into the hobby that after retiring from basketball, he ventured into the gaming industry.

He currently owns Echo Fox, a professional League of Legends team, and is also an investor of Esports. Kyle is likewise working in the video game industry. 


With a shared passion, Rick and Kyle’s connection is made even stronger by the fact that Kyle is undeniably Rick’s son physically. A recent photo shared by the 26-year-old reveals their uncanny resemblance.

Kyle’s curly hair, his pronounced eyes, his eyebrows, and even his five o'clock shadow are familiarly his dad’s. But one outstanding quality of Kyle’s is the green shade of his eyes. Rick’s eyes are brown.


Kyle also has a younger sister from his dad’s marriage to Vanessa. 19-year-old Sasha Fox is quite the stunner, this time taking after her mother’s beauty queen features. In fact, she recently banked on her looks to model for Serena Williams’ clothing line. 

It’s unclear if Kyle and Sasha are close half-siblings, but both are close to their father. Sasha lives with her mother but would often be photographed along with her dad.

Rick and Vanessa have a pleasant co-parenting relationship after ending their five-year marriage in 2004. 

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