Matthew Gray Gubler Shared a Sweet Snap of His Celebrity Co-Stars as the Show Nears Its End

Pedro Marrero
Apr 04, 2019
12:51 A.M.
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“Criminal Minds” 15th and final season is in the works, and the cast of the longest-running scripted series currently on TV is treasuring every moment working together before moving on to other projects.


After having spent time together on set for so many years and collaborating to create a successful and unforgettable series, it is natural that this team of actors and actresses formed a strong friendship and it will be hard to say goodbye.

The stars of the CBS police procedural have taken to social media to share the joyous moments they are having behind the cameras ahead of the release of the show’s 10-episode closing season in 2020.


39-year-old actor Matthew Gray Gubler, who plays Dr. Spencer Reid in the police procedural drama, recently posted a photo of him and some of his co-stars, which shows the group in a playful and affectionate spirit amid shooting.

“I’m slowly transitioning into Gilbert Gottfried” Gubler captioned the image, likening himself to the famous comedian because of his smile as he posed alongside fellow cast members Joe Mantegna, A.J. Cook, and Tara Lewis. 


More than 280.000 Instagram users have reacted to Gubler’s candid photo posted on March 21, with some of them expressing their emotions about their favorite show coming to an end.

“I already miss you, guys,” a user commented. “You guys are the absolute best! I am so happy to see y’all smiling! Never change. You guys always make me happy and smile when I am feeling down,” added another fan.


“I’m not ready for this to end,” wrote someone else. “I love you guys forever, amazing to watch you guys grow up with me,” expressed yet another user.

Gubler is one of the audience’s most beloved members of the cast, especially among women, who constantly praise his good looks and openly fantasize about him.

His character, Reid, is equally loved by the fans of the show, which are very interested in the love life of the gifted FBI Special Agent.


Season 14 ended leaving an emotional cliffhanger to be solved in the upcoming season, after the character J.J. Jareau, portrayed by Cook, confessed her love to her co-worker in a life-or-death situation.

Showrunner Erica Messer promised that Season 15 will start by addressing the consequences of Jarreau’s love confession –which she tried to downplay later in the episode in question.


It has also surfaced that 39-year-old actress Rachael Leigh Cook will join the cast for the final season to play a love interest for Reid, so things might be getting interesting for him.

Given the massive popularity Gubler’s character on the show has amassed, few fans would imagine that he was once told he wasn’t fit for the role.

Fortunately, Gubler is not one to give up easily and after auditioning several times he got the job.