'He Cheats Crazy': Donald Trump Cheats While Playing Golf, Sports Writer Claims

Rebelander Basilan
Apr 05, 2019
01:01 A.M.
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Longtime sportswriter Rick Reilly claimed in a new book that President Donald Trump cheats at golf as often as possible.


In his latest book, "Commander In Cheat: How Golf Explains Trump," Reilly detailed how Trump goes to absurd lengths to guarantee he wins each match.

Donald Trump at Trump National Doral Blue Monster Course on March 6, 2016 in Doral, Florida | Photo: Getty Images


“He said when he buys a new course, he plays the first round by himself and calls that the club championship.”

In a recent interview with CNN, Reilly said that the president "cheats like a mafia accountant" and that "he cheats crazy."

"He cheats whether you're watching or not. He cheats whether you like it or not," the sportswriter added.

Donald Trump at Trump Turnberry Luxury Collection Resort on July 15, 2018 in Turnberry, Scotland | Photo: Getty Images



Reilly also appeared on “Morning Joe,” where he said he'd figured out how the president won the 18 club championships.

“He said when he buys a new course, he plays the first round by himself and calls that the club championship,” Reilly explained

Donald Trump swings a golf club during the White House Sports and Fitness Day on the South Lawn on May 30, 2018 in Washington, DC | Photo: Getty Images


“So I started calling around, people said, ’Yeah, one day he was at Trump Philly, and we played the club championship at Trump Bedminster, and he called and said, ‘Who won the championship?’ They said ‘Joe Shmoe’ shot 76, Trump goes, ‘I shot 73 up here at Trump Philly, make me the champion.’”

The president hasn't commented on Reilly's book so far. But according to the sportswriter, he's prepared if Trump goes on a Twitter tirade about the book.

Donald Trump plays a round of golf after the opening of The Trump International Golf Links Course on July 10, 2012 in Balmedie, Scotland | Photo: Getty Images



Recently, journalist Vicky Ward also released a book called "Kushner, Inc.," which describes Trump's real relationship with his 37-year-old daughter Ivanka Trump.

In the book, Ward claims that Ivanka is the president's "greatest weakness."

“Multiple people noticed that [Ivanka would] regularly wander into the Oval Office, often with a child in tow, and talk to Trump in a singsong voice,” she writes. “He’d call her ‘baby’ or pat her on the bottom.”

Donald Trump and Ivanka Trump at the White House on March 6, 2019 | Photo: Getty Images

The journalist continues: “[Trump] sometimes stopped what he was doing to ogle [Ivanka] when she left the room. ‘Doesn’t she look great?’ he would say to others in the room.”

The book also claims that Ivanka and Jared, who tied the knot in 2005, are power-hungry and deceptive.