Mj's Family Claps Back at 'Leaving Neverland' by Releasing Their Own 30-Minute YouTube Documentary

Monica Otayza
Apr 08, 2019
10:20 A.M.
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The Jackson family has released their own 30-minute documentary that tries to counter the controversial "Leaving Neverland" docu-series that targetted their late family member, Michael Jackson. 


Directed by Eli Pedraza, "Neverland Firsthand: Investigating the Michael Jackson Documentary" was released on YouTube last March 30, 2019, and it aims to debunk the allegations made by Wade Robson and James Safechuck, who were the main sources of information in the HBO film that tried to peg Jackson as a sexual abuser and child molester. 


The King of Pop repeatedly denied such allegations back when he was still alive, even being acquitted in a child sex abuse claim against him in California back in 2015. 

Debunking the Claims

Now, the 30-minute film features Michael's nephew Taj and niece Brandi Jackson, as well as his longtime technical director Brad Sundberg, who speak about their experiences in the Neverland Ranch estate, where they regularly stayed. 

According to Sundberg, 

“Not in a million years did I ever see a child around Michael Jackson that looked like they had been distressed, hurt, abused. [Neverland] was such a peaceful, safe, fun place.”


Meanwhile, Brandi Jackson revealed that she and Wade Robson actually dated for seven years, and she knew that he has always been an opportunist. 

“He knows how to position himself into different situations that will benefit him in a financial way.”


Brandi adds that it's strange that he now says that he had a relationship with Michael Jackson and that the late singer kept him from seeing women, which she says is not true. 

"He’s saying that my uncle kept him from women, which is not true. We were just talking about how my uncle put us together. It would discredit the things that he’s trying to claim, and I find it fascinating that he thinks he’s able to just erase 10 years of his life.”

Robson's Attorney Responds

After seeing the response, an attorney for Robson says that Brandi had nothing relevant to say about the topic, as they were not in a relationship when the sexual abuse occurred, nor was she present when the abuse happened, thus not making her knowledgable about the situation. 


"Ms. Jackson was not with Wade and Michael Jackson when the sexual abuse occurred, and as such, she has nothing relevant to say about the topic."

What happened to Taj Jackson's GoFundMe?

Taj Jackson launched a GoFundMe account to produce a counter-documentary for "Leaving Neverland," but it turns out there was already one on the works. 

At the time, he said that his goal was to "get the truth out there" and clear his uncle's name once and for all. 

Jackson's nephew was asking for $777,777 to produce his own documentary to counter the HBO docu-series, but it seems there was already one created on his behalf. 


Now, it is quite puzzling to know that he's already raised $114,000 of his $777,000 goal for the docu-series when there's one posted on YouTube already.

Taj has yet to explain what exactly he plans to do with the money he's raised, and whether it was used to fund "Neverland Firsthand" or he is creating something entirely different.

Whatever it is, one thing's for sure: the Jackson family is out to clear Michael's name, and they will stop at nothing to do that.