Rude Woman Won’t Leave ‘No Parking Zone’

Comfort Omovre
Apr 14, 2019
11:18 P.M.
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A woman bluntly refused to vacate the ‘no parking zone’ of a construction site close to her daughter’s school even after the foreman in charge pleaded with her. The foreman, however, gave her a lesson to remember. 


The foreman relayed the experience with the woman via social media. He explained that the location of the construction site for the new home is up a hill, so moving things was a bit difficult.

A car parked in a no parking zone.| Photo: Shutterstock.


However, they have two parking spots designated to them and marked no parking zone for other vehicles. An elementary school is also located close to the site, and sometimes parents who come to pick their wards make use of the parking spot. As a reasonable man, he sometimes allowed them to use it when there was no expected delivery to the site.

That changed when a woman came and parked in the spot. There was a standard lumber delivery, so he quickly went and told the woman to move away as a truck was coming there soon. She, however, told him to take a chill pill as she was only there to pick up her child and won’t stay for more than two minutes. Before the foreman could respond, the lumber truck arrives.


A frustrated woman in a car.| Photo: Shutterstock.

The woman still refuses to move even after the foreman tries his best to make her leave politely. Instead, she asks him if they can't unload the lumber around her vehicle, saying it wasn’t that hard. The foreman then goes away from her, with a plan in his head.


He asks the delivery driver to move as close to the woman as possible and block her with a porta pooty that was there. He also calls law enforcement to make them aware of all the happenings. They then began to unload the products.

The woman’s child then comes, as the woman tries to leave, she realizes the truck is behind her, making it impossible for her to meet her child.  She manages to get her child in through the passenger door and tries to drive off, which is not possible.

A little school girl with her backpack.| Photo: Shutterstock.


She then yells at the foreman and delivery driver to move, as she is in a hurry to leave. The driver tells her that is not possible due to company policy as they have begun to unload. The woman gets more infuriated and tells him she doesn’t care about the system. 

The law enforcement officer arrives at this point, though the woman is unaware of her arrival. The foreman then asks the woman if she can’t pull around the truck, saying it can’t be that hard. The woman realizes he has used her own words against her and angrily curses him.

A woman in handcuffs. | Photo: Shutterstock.


She goes into her car angrily and puts the car in reverse, hitting the porta pooty, then hitting drive in an attempt to drive on the sidewalk. She ends up getting stuck, and her actions leave the officer, foreman, and driver in shock. At this point the officer walks up to her and orders her out, handcuffing her and calling for a second unit to come and pick her up.  

At the end of everything, the woman is arrested and charged with Child Endangerment, as her kid was in the back of her car the whole time. She was also charged with reckless driving, destruction of property and driving on a suspended license. Her vehicle was also towed.