Arizona Man Accused of Killing 10-Year-Old Girl during Apparent Road Rage Shooting

Mary Scott
Apr 08, 2019
04:13 P.M.
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A 20-year-old Arizona man has been arrested for the murder of a ten-year-old girl in an apparent road rage shooting that happened on Wednesday, April 3.


The suspect, identified as Joshua Gonzalez, opened fire on Summerbell Brown, ten, and her family, around 5:45 pm on that day, Phoenix police officers told ABC15.


The Browns, which included Summerbell’s mother, father, and sister, were reportedly driving down Moreland Street near Interstate 10 and 39th Avenue when they appeared to cut off a white four-door pickup truck in traffic. The truck driver then trailed the family to their home.

A tip from the community led the police to the suspect’s home where they found the truck

When the family pulled into their driveway, someone in the same truck repeatedly shot at their vehicle before zooming off. Summerbell and her father, Dharquintium Brown, were shot in the process. Sadly, the little girl died from her injuries while the father survived.


Dharquintium told the outlet:

"He was ready to start shooting. I got out of my vehicle, and asked him, 'What's going on?' Because he stopped at my house. I asked him, 'What's up?' and he just got to firing. He shot my car, and he shot me, and he shot up my house and he killed my daughter."


Taneisha Brown, who along with her other daughter, was not injured in the attack, is still grieving over her murdered child.

"This nightmare is going to replay in my head forever," she said. "I can't sleep. I hope she's at peace."

Speaking to KPNX, the bereaved mom added:

"He took somebody that was very precious to us. Somebody that.... that a lot of people are going to remember and there’s no forgiveness for that."


Gonzalez was reportedly apprehended after Phoenix police released his sketch and information about his vehicle.

A tip from the community led the police to the suspect’s home where they found the truck identified earlier in a surveillance video. After a thorough search, officials also discovered a gun that was forensically linked to ammunition found at the crime scene.

Gonzalez, who police say they have previously had numerous contacts with, has now been charged with first-degree murder and three counts of aggravated assault.

The conditions surrounding Summerbell’s demise echo that of three-year-old Preslie who was also shot in a Florida road rage incident last October. Little Preslie was, however, able to make a recovery, albeit with severe complications.

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