April 24, 2019

Pastor’s Wife Visits a Fish Market

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A pastor's wife had no idea what to cook for her family so she decided to go to the fish market and see what she can get. On getting there, she resolved to make fillets for dinner, and so the woman asked the man behind the counter for a recommendation.

The man replied by saying, 

“I’d recommend this right here, ma’am. It’s new to the market.”

A woman buying fish from a fishmonger. | Photo: Shutterstock.



“What kind of fish is it?” she asks.

“It’s dam fish, ma’am,” he answered.

The pastor’s wife was shocked at the man's choice of words and abruptly says, 

“How dare you use that kind of language around a pastor’s wife!”

The man who had no foul intention calms her down and says, 

“No, no ma’am. This is a new breed of fish that lives down at the local roller dam. So we call it dam fish.”


The woman then apologizes for the misunderstanding, buys three fillets, and went home to start cooking for her husband and kid.

A couple talking. | Photo: Shutterstock.


As she starts to cook, the pastor returns home and says, 

“Something smells delicious, honey! What’s cooking?”

The wife answers, 

“dam fish.”

Just like his wife's initial reaction, the pastor screws up his face and yells, 

“I cannot believe I’m hearing profanity out of a pastor’s wife! How dare you!”

So she also calms her husband down and says, 

“No, no honey! The man at the market told me this is a new breed of fish found at the local roller dam. So they call it dam fish.”


After the explanation, the pastor understands and apologizes. The wife then calls on their son to come and eat.

A pastor preaching to his congregation. | Photo: Shutterstock.


During dinner, the pastor starts to load up his plate and says, 

“This is a fine looking meal, honey. Could you pass me some of that dam fish.”

Their son lights up, slaps his dads back and says, 

“That’s the spirit, Dad! While you are at it Mum, pass me the f***ing potatoes!”

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