Luke Bryan Is a Loving Husband and the Father of Two Beautiful Kids

Luke Bryan is just as dedicated to his family as he is to his craft. The proof is in the pudding and on his social media. 

The "American Idol" judge and his wife Caroline Boyer have two sons, Bo, eleven, and Tate, eight. Luke's Instagram is filled with pictures of his two boys. 

Those are not his only kids though. The 42-year-old and his wife are also non-biological parents to Luke's late sister's kids, Til, Jordan, and Kris. The older children have certainly changed the game for the couple. 

Yet taking on the new responsibility was a no-brainer for Luke and Caroline when his sister Kelly died in 2007, and then his brother-in-law Ben passed in 2014. They both accepted their nieces and nephew with wide open arms.

In January 2019, the family celebrated Caroline's birthday by going skiing. An adorable clip showed as her boys told her "happy birthday," before she drinks something in a small bottle. 

The large family has had to overcome tremendous tragedy together, but they seem to be doing well. Since Bryan's kids are the youngest in the bunch and grew up together, they have a strong connection. 

In the shot taken back in December 2018, the boys are happy to share the same basketball jerseys and clearly have a strong bond based on their solid brotherly hug and toothy smiles. 

Another shot from September 2018 has all the boys, including Til, sitting at the back of a trunk dressed in camouflage clothing. Bryan, who enjoys hunting, is raising his sons and nephew to be just like him when it comes to the outdoors.

In summer 2018, Luke and his family went on vacation and did not fail to keep up with their family fishing tradition. Bo caught a huge one and we can't tell who is prouder in this picture.

These two kiddos are getting to travel the world with their famous country singer father. This shot, taking in Australian last March, took only 17 hours to come to fruition if Bryan's caption is to be believed. 

In January 2019, Bryan shared a short video of them playing Monopoly. Tate is seen kneeling on the table and when his dad asks what they're doing, he excitedly answers: 

"On a school night!" 

Bryan clarifies by saying, "School night monopoly" and Bo is seen making his move in the game. Caroline and Til are also spotted in the shot, confirming that the game is a full family affair.

As for the older kids, Jordan and Kris were college age when they were taken in by the country singer and his wife, so they would not be around as much as their younger brother. 

Bryan and Caroline opened up about the sudden responsibility in raising Bo, who was a teen when his father died, in 2017 when she did an interview with PEOPLE. 

At the time, Bryan said

"I woke up one day and I’m raising a teen. And it’s a challenge because my main thing with Til is just properly giving the right amount of advice and realizing you’re talking to someone who is becoming an adult."

He added: "I have to be that parent role where if he does something, he needs to get in trouble, but I want to be a friend to him too.” Til has also found friends in his cousins, Bo and Tate. 

Luke revealed that the two younger boys look up to their older cousin and they even dance together. Luke said that "[Bo and Tate] learn all dances from [Til]. What is it? The Dab and all that. And the Nae Nae," he added. 

The singer's relationship with his wife is not taking a backseat either. Everyone is making it work, including the hilarious couple who has been married for over a decade. 

In March 2019, the two almost had a life or death experience when they attempted to grill in the house. Of course, they made fun of the whole thing on social media.

In the post, Boyer panned the camera around to show that smoke was all throughout the kitchen. Making light of the situation, she said: 

"Our love is so hot we just  create smoke wherever we go." 

In another clip, one can spot some meat which had been grilled as Bryan confirms that they'll never grill in the house again.  A final clip showed Bryan turning over a piece as Boyer said, "we had a little trouble." 

It looks like a lesson was learned. We hope the pair doesn't try any more dangerous antics as they continue to have fun together. 

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